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Full Buck Moon July 8 at 9:08 P.M. Las Vegas Time

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This information is from The Old Farmer’s Almanac

“Native Americans’ Full Moon names were created to help different tribes track the seasons. Think of it as a “nickname” for the Moon! See our list of other full Moon names for each month of the year and their meanings.”


July is the month of the Full Buck Moon. At this time, a buck’s antlers are in full growth mode. This Full Moon was also known as the Thunder Moon because thunderstorms are so frequent during this month.

How did the Full Moons get their names? The Full Moons have descriptive names that come from Native American tribes who used the Full Moons as a sort of calendar to keep track of the seasons. The Almanac tends to use the names of the Algonquins who were prominent along the Atlantic Coast and into the interior along the St. Lawrence River and around the Great Lakes.

See all Full Moon names and their meanings.



Owner of PT’s Pubs to buy Stratosphere, 3 other Nevada casinos

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Golden Entertainment, operators of the PT’s Pubs chain in Southern Nevada, is acquiring a company that owns four Nevada casinos, including the Stratosphere. (Jeff Scheid/Las Vegas Review-Journal ...Golden Entertainment, operators of the PT’s Pubs chain in Southern Nevada, is acquiring a company that owns four Nevada casinos, including the Stratosphere. (Jeff Scheid/Las Vegas Review-Journal) @jlscheid
Golden Entertainment, operators of the PT’s Pubs chain in Southern Nevada, is acquiring a company that owns four Nevada casinos, including the Stratosphere. (Jeff Scheid/Las Vegas Review-Journal …Golden Entertainment, operators of the PT’s Pubs chain in Southern Nevada, is acquiring a company that owns four Nevada casinos, including the Stratosphere. (Jeff Scheid/Las Vegas Review-Journal) @jlscheid
June 12, 2017 – 8:01 am

Golden Entertainment, operators of the PT’s Pubs chain in Southern Nevada, is acquiring a company that owns four Nevada casinos, including the iconic Stratosphere Casino Hotel & Tower, for $850 million.

The deal with American Casino & Entertainment Properties also includes two Arizona Charlie’s properties in Las Vegas as well as the Aquarius in Laughlin.

The transaction, announced early Monday, will include $781 million in cash and about 4 million shares of Golden stock issued to the four casinos’ current owner, Whitehall Street Real Estate Partners 2007, a real estate equity fund managed by the Merchant Banking Division of Goldman Sachs.


It isn’t Golden’s first venture into casino operations. The company operates the Pahrump Nugget, Lakeside and Gold Town in Pahrump and the Rocky Gap Casino Resort in Flintstone, Maryland.

In addition to those properties, Golden operates slot routes with more than 12,000 machines in Nevada and Montana.

Golden is best known in Southern Nevada for its dominance of the local tavern market, operating more than 50 locations under six brands — PT’s Gold, PT’s Brewing, PT’s Ranch, Sean Patrick’s Pub & Grill, Sierra Gold and SG Bar — through its PT’s Entertainment Group.


“This is a transformational event for our company, creating a significant gaming portfolio centered around Nevada-based casinos that, in addition to our Pahrump properties, will include two well-known Las Vegas locals casinos, a destination resort in Laughlin and the iconic Stratosphere property on the Las Vegas Strip,” Golden Chairman and CEO Blake Sartini said in a release announcing the transaction.

The biggest part of the transaction, literally and figuratively, is the 2,427-room Stratosphere and its 1,149-foot tower, the tallest free-standing observation facility in the United States. The site, technically, is just off the Strip within the Las Vegas city limits read more…

Vegas News | Caesars, Cosmopolitan, And Resorts World Making Moves

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Posted by: Marc, May 21, 2017

May has been a busy month for the corporate entity Caesars Entertainment. You can see all of the press releases here but I’ll try to share the interesting information in easily digestible bites. Let’s roll!
May has been a busy month for the corporate entity Caesars Entertainment. You can see all of the press releases here but I’ll try to share the interesting information in easily digestible bites. Let’s roll!

Caesars Plans To Upgrade and Expand In Las Vegas

This isn’t entirely news (see Vegas News on May 7) if you read this column every week. However, old-school corporations like Caesars typically move slowly so some information is just reaching the masses. This week Caesars Entertainment CEO Mark Frissora discussed some post-bankruptcy plans with Bloomberg.

We already knew that Caesars was planning to build on the vacant land they own just off the Vegas Strip. There are 40 acres of land behind The Linq and 50 acres behind Bally’s that are waiting to be used for something. Caesars also plans to do something with the seven acres in front of Caesars Palace and up to the Vegas Strip. Please no Caesars Palace Grand Bazaar. Please.

Some of the space behind Bally’s and The Linq will be used on cheap construction like shopping and convention space. I don’t think a new hotel tower will be added to either property and was curious what the twitter world thought. Without using the name of the casinos I asked twitter what they would build on the space and received some interesting responses.

The most interesting response was from @John_Mehaffey. He thinks building something similar to Rising Sports Ranch in Mesquite, NV could make sense. I’m a sports fan so I like this idea. If a sports complex is built behind Bally’s it would be a nice sister property to The Linq and could tie in nicely with another nearby sports complex, Topgolf at MGM Grand. Caesars could even partner with Rising Sports Ranch to share in the expense of building the experience.

It seems as though Frissora and Caesars already have a plan in mind but I think the sports complex idea or a water park would inexpensively complement what Caesars offers. Keep your eyes open for more news on these developments.

Flamingo, Caesars Palace Renovations Planned. Maybe More To Come.

Caesars plans to renovate 7,000 hotel rooms throughout the country this year. The biggest renovation scheduled right now is to 1,270 rooms at the Flamingo. Caesars Entertainment will be upgrading all of the FAB rooms at the hotel.

These rooms were renovated five years ago but were never really completed since they didn’t touch the bathroom. That renovation brought the rooms from the 1970’s to the 1990’s but not much more. The first batch of new rooms at the Flamingo will be available in November. Caesars is currently planning completion by the second quarter of 2018. You can read more about the renovations here and see the rendering video below:

As we previously mentioned, Caesars will begin renovations to 1,100 hotel rooms at the Palace Tower of Caesars Palace Las Vegas. No other Las Vegas renovations have been revealed yet, but the Indigo Tower at Bally’s could use a renovation. Perhaps that will tie together their plan for the 50-acre plot of land behind the hotel.

Caesars Quick Hits

Richard Marx will perform “Satisfied: Only The Hits” at Flamingo from August 15 through September 2. Read more here.
A person is suing Planet Hollywood because he was frightened by a mannequin in his room. Read more here.

Cosmopolitan Evolution Continues

The latest renovations at the Cosmopolitan aren’t for just anyone. The hotel just opened 21 luxury penthouses located on the 71st through 75th floors. There’s also a new high rollers room called The Reserve on the 71st Floor. This intimate 3,200-square-foot high rollers lounge is for the highest of high rollers.

Related : The Evolution Of The Cosmopolitan Of Las Vegas

According to the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the room will have a sliding wall to create two parlors. The casino expects that gamblers in this lounge will be wagering around $1,000,000 per hand. The Cosmopolitan continues to evolve into a casino that still appeals to the cool kids while trying to open its doors to traditional casino customers. The penthouses should appeal to both, while the gaming lounge will probably only appeal to the gambler. Read more…

Downtown Las Vegas Happy Hour Specials

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This post is from:

Downtown Las Vegas Happy Hour Specials
Downtown Las Vegas Happy Hour Specials

“While happy hour specials per property are more plentiful on the Strip, you’re basically getting happy hour like prices around the clock at most places downtown. Some establishments do feature discounted delights, complementing the already reasonable prices.” “Here’s a quick rundown of some current offers:”

Main Street Station
Triple 7 Brewery:
3 – 6pm Monday – Friday and 11pm – 2am
Discounted food, $2.50 house wine, well drinks, and 16 oz microbrews

Casino Bar
$2.50 Micro Brews 24/7

California Redwood:
4pm – 6pm
Discounted small bites, cocktails, beer and wine

Tony Roma’s
$8.99 Prime Rib: 4:30 – 6:30pm daily
$11.99 Steak and Lobster: 9 – 11pm daily

Golden Nugget
Chart House:
4 – 6pm Monday – Friday and 10:30
$5 – $8 bites and $3 – $7 drink specials

2 – 6pm Monday – Friday and 10:30 – 12 Sunday – Thursday (bar only)
$5 beer, $6 spirits and wine, $8 pizza and more

Red Sushi:
4 – 6pm daily
Appetizer, sushi, and cocktail specials

Cadillac Mexican Kitchen and Tequila Bar:
4 – 7pm Monday – Friday
$3 – $5 drink specials and discounted bites

Claim Jumper:
$6 house margaritas and bloody mary’s – all day

4 – 7pm Daily
50% appetizers, house wine, well liquors and beer
Ladies Night 4:00 – 7:00 Thursdays
50% off the Happy Hour menu

El Cortez
Parlour Bar:
$5 “drink of the month”
“half buck wings” and pint specials: 4 – 6pm and 11pm – 1am daily

Downtown Grand
Freedom Beat:
2pm – 5pm and 2am – 5am
No specials listed

10pm – 12am Friday and Saturday
No specials listed

Pizza Rock:
3 – 6pm Monday – Friday & 10pm til close daily
$3-$5-$7 Food and drink specials

Triple George Grill:
4pm – 7pm Monday – Friday (bar only)
$3 select draft beers, $5 appetizers, house wines, well liquors, and $6 featured cocktails.

Non-Casino Establishments:

Park on Fremont:
4 – 7pm Monday – Friday
$6 appetizers & $3,$4, and $5 beverage specials
$30 all you can drink (all day)

Banger Brewing:
1 – 3pm and 9 – 11pm
$5 beers

Hennessey’s Tavern:
4 – 7pm Monday – Friday
$5 libations and food

The Perch:
3 – 6pm Monday – Friday
$5 – $9 bites, $2 off signature cocktails, $5 all beers and house wines

Evel Pie:
$5 draft beer and cheese slice (all day)

La Comida:
3pm – 5pm Monday – Friday
$5 margaritas and beers

The Smashed Pig:
10pm – 1am Thursday – Saturday
Special drink and small plate menu

Bin 702:
3pm – 6pm
$5 draft beers and $7 wines

*These are, of course, subject to change. If you find any additional offers or notice some are no longer offered, please let me know. There is also a Strip Happy Hour page if you venture away from Fremont.

Here’s a link to the original post

The Most American City Isn’t New York, L.A., Or Chicago

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BY STEFAN AL 04.11.17 | 9:00 AM

Sands Hotel Las Vegas, NV [Photo: courtesy MIT Press]
Sands Hotel Las Vegas, NV [Photo: courtesy MIT Press]

The Most American City Isn’t New York, L.A., Or Chicago
Long dismissed, this one city’s design gets the credit it’s due in a new book from MIT Press.

“Editors’ Note: In The Strip, a new book from MIT Press, Stefan Al–an architect, urban designer, and associate professor at the University of Pennsylvania–compares the evolution of Las Vegas to the cultural metamorphosis of the American dream. The following chapter is excerpted, with permission.”

“The Strip began as an exception. But increasingly it has become a rule—in its holistically designed and multisensory environments, in being technologically wired and “smart,” in patterns of urban development, in financial practices, and in aesthetic tastes. For decades, Vegas marketed itself as an over-the-top series of urban stunts. But this seemingly outrageous behavior took advantage of fundamental changes in American society. The urbanistic role of Vegas has also taken a turn. The Strip began as essentially anti-urban, with inwardly oriented resorts located outside of the incorporated city of Las Vegas. Today, the Strip is a major pedestrian space with casinos that contribute to a larger urban experience. Vegas has now even become a model for 21st-century urbanism that other cities are seeking to emulate. Not only that, the city provides lessons for anyone called upon to create landmarks, attention-getters, fantasy environments, spectacular images, or memorable experiences. I personally witnessed the city’s impact as an architect when Chinese clients for the world’s largest tower, after a visit to the Strip, wanted the Bellagio’s musical fountains. They wanted Vegas.”

STEFAN AL continues:
From its inception in 1941, the Strip has mutated beyond even its own wildest dreams. In the 1940s, Strip developers dressed like cowboys, some packing real guns, built hacienda-style casinos that broke ground with moving neon displays as big as windmills. By the 1950s, casino builders replaced the wagon wheels with Cadillac tailfin forms, and pumped underwater Muzak into exotically shaped pools. The 1960s neon signs, as tall as 20-story buildings and as long as two football fields, were ripped down in the 1970s when the emphasis shifted to the buildings themselves, and chandeliers the size of trucks. By the next decade, the chandeliers had been replaced by a 10-story, laser-eyed sphinx and a fiery volcano spewing piña colada scent. Charmed by the world’s famous cities in the late 1990s, Las Vegas built replicas, including the Eiffel Tower, New York skyscrapers, and Venetian canals. But in the new millennium, a mere decade later, replicas were out and serious architectural originals, which housed museum-quality collections of authentic art, were in.


If any city deserves the “Makeover Award” for the most drastic changes to its image, it is Las Vegas More…

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Lucky Dragon Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas has officially set a grand opening date of Saturday, December 3, 2016.

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Lucky Dragon Hotel & Casino
300 W Sahara Ave
Las Vegas, NV 89102


Lucky Dragon Hotel & Casino 300 W Sahara Ave Las Vegas, NV 89102
Lucky Dragon Hotel & Casino

“Lucky Dragon Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas has officially set a grand opening date of Saturday, December 3, 2016. The property will commemorate the opening with an extravagant series of Asian demonstrations. Among the planned festivities are a firecracker show, which typically accompanies many Asian holidays and celebrations, driving away evil spirits; a lion and dragon dance, bringing good luck and good fortune to all; and the world’s largest traditional Kung Fu tea service will run throughout the hotel & casino. “It’s a great feeling, given the work our entire team has put into bringing Lucky Dragon to Las Vegas, to be able to announce its grand opening,” said David Jacoby” read more…


LVBCs Lucky Dragon Page
Visit the main pages of LasVegasBuffetClub.Com


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This subject has been in the news lately so I thought I should repost it.

This post was first published on October 07, 2007 at 12:00 and republished June 9, 2008 at 3:00 and May 15, 2013 at 1:00 am. And Published again November, 18th 2016

Una Storia Segreta Logo
From the Una Storia Segreta Webpages

NOTE FROM THE PUBLISHER: It’s been a half-dozen years since the first publication, a number of links have been updated, some were dead. Please send comment if you find links that don’t work.

In the late 90s a buddy and I went to an exhibition at a Las Vegas Public Library. It was The Una Storia Segreta exhibit. Una Storia Segreta (the words in Italian mean both “a secret story” and “a secret history.”) The secret story is about the treatment of Italians and/or Italian-Americans in the United States just preceding and during the Second World War. You are probably aware that persons of Japanese ancestry were placed in American internment camps, but might be surprised to find that many Italians, and Germans in the US were also interned. The Italians and Germans as well as individuals from other ethnic groups were considered “Enemy Aliens.”

The government’s actions – in the 90s – (read on) shows that cooler heads can eventually prevail.
The reason for this post is to shine that light… Continue reading

Full Beaver Moon – November 14, 2016 at 5:53 A.M. Pacific Time

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Full Beaver Moon
Full Beaver Moon

The Full Moon on November 14, 2016, will appear as the largest and brightest Moon in the sky since 1948! Mark your calendars.

Full Beaver Moon Video
Each month, we explain the traditional Moon names along with some fascinating facts about the Moon. This month, learn about the Full Beaver Moon, and why you should avoid falling asleep in the moonlight.

The show will start below on Sunday, November 13, 2016: 5:00 PM PST | 6:00 PM MST | 7:00 PM CST | 8:00 PM EST

Click here for the video


This show is a partnership with between The Old Farmer’s Almanac editors and

Why is the November 2016 Moon the most interesting of the year?

First, it’s a “Perigee” Moon—when the Moon reaches the point in its orbit that is nearest to Earth.

Even better, this Moon will be nearer to Earth than it’s been in 70 years. While the Moon won’t technically be getting any bigger, it will appear up to 14% larger than when it is at its furthest point.

Further, the full Moon of November 14 is not only the closest full Moon of 2016 but also the closest full Moon in the 21st century and it won’t come this close to Earth again until November 25, 2034. Besides appearing large and bright in the sky, this extra-close Perigee Moon (or, Supermoon) will also have a more dramatic effect on the tides.


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Full Hunter’s Moon: October, 15 at 9:25 P.M. Pacific Time

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Full Hunter's Moon
Full Hunter’s Moon

From The Old Farmer’s Almanac

Some Native American tribes referred to October’s Moon as the Full Hunter’s Moon as it was the time to go hunting in preparation for winter. This full Moon is also called the “Travel Moon” and the “Dying Grass Moon.”

This is the first Full Moon following September’s Harvest Moon. It rises just after sunset and sets around sunrise, so this is the only night in the month when the Moon is in the sky all night long.


Each month, we will explain the traditional names of the full Moon along with some fascinating Moon facts. In this video, learn about the Full Hunter’s Moon. Click below to watch the video.


The Moon passes above Venus on October 3, to the right of Saturn on the 5th, and above Mars on the 7th and 8th.
Corn planted under a waning Moon grows slower but yields larger ears.
Babies born a day after the full Moon enjoy success and endurance.
A new Moon in your dreams promises increased wealth or a happy marriage.


Full Harvest Moon For September, 2016: Friday, September 16, at 9:45 AM PDT

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Harvest Moon
Harvest Moon

From The Old Farmer’s Almanac
For Moon fans, September, 2016 will provide plenty of Moon action! The month begins and ends with a New Moon, with the Full Moon precisely sandwiched in between, on the 16th day.

The Full Moon nearest the autumn equinox is named the Harvest Moon since, during this month, the Moon helps the harvest by providing more light at the right time than other Full Moons do.

Witness the Full Harvest Moon Eclipse Friday! Watch as the Moon Moves into Earth’s Shadow.


In years when the Harvest Moon falls in October, the September full Moon is usually known as the Full Corn Moon because it traditionally corresponds with the time of harvesting corn. It is also called the Barley Moon because this is the time to harvest and thresh the ripened barley.

September’s Full Moon Video featuring Amy Nieskens


On Friday, September 16, at 9:45 AM PDT | 12:45 PM EDT | 16:45 UTC, The Old Farmer’s Almanac is partnering with Slooh to host a broadcast of the Harvest Moon. Watch the live feed below!

Slooh will be teaming up with global feed partners in Africa, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and Western Australia, where the eclipse is will be visible, to bring viewers the live lunar show from start to finish.

Learn what causes a Lunar Eclipse and the differences between a Total Lunar Eclipse and this week’s Penumbral Lunar Eclipse. Bob Berman, Slooh Astronomer and Astronomy Editor for The Old Farmer’s Almanac, will also be on hand to discuss the odd ways the Moon moves around our home planet, leading to these different eclipses throughout the year. He and Paul will also explore recent headlines that suggest our nearest neighbor’s origins were more violent than previously thought.

Janice Stillman, Editor of The Old Farmer’s Almanac, will offer insights into the history and folklore surrounding the Harvest Moon. They’ll discuss the different names the September Moon has been given by different cultures, and delve into some of the cultural stories and traditions surrounding the Harvest Moon, and the annual harvests associated with it.


Watch the live stream [ CLICK HERE ] on FRIDAY, September 16, 12:45 PM (EDT)
Live Stream starts: 9:45 AM PDT ¦ 12:45 PM EDT ¦ 16:45UTC
Live Stream ends: 2:00 PM PDT ¦ 5:00 PM EDT ¦ 21:00UTC Official Website
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