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Wild West Show Trick Rider
Wild West Show Trick Rider

NW-Wild West Show – click for full size photo

Before the Denver Broncos, the Rockies, the Nuggets, or the AVS, and before LODO was named LODO, before the 16th Street Mall, even before Larimer Square was Larimer Square there was: The National Western Stock Show and Rodeo in Denver. It was Cow Town’s Main-Event-Of-The-Year, the Big Enchilada, the Moneymaker. It was the reason Denverites left Christmas decorations up well past News Years Day. In fact the lights & Santas remained until the closing of the Stock Show. Cow Town’s citizens wanted to give thanks and show their appreciation for all the money the cowboys and Stock Show people brought to town so they left the welcome lights on. More lights, more money… Sort of like painting the town Bronco Blue and Orange these days.

The National Western Stock Show is basically a meat sale. One of the high-end-steak-houses will bid, win and buy the Blue Ribbon Steer. After a reasonable amount of time, you will be able to order a piece of it – right off the menu. You’ll also be dining – around town – on beef-burgers, bison-burgers and steak n’ eggs obtained from the competition’s winners and losers…

The WORLD-CLASS Rodeo is a promotional event – promoting the sale of the meat and fowl. This is not meant to demote the Rodeo. It is a first rate event. The LasVegasBuffetClub recommends that you put on your boots & hat and make a day of it: go down into the pens and checkout the livestock and exhibits, then watch the rodeo! Check out the: Arabian Cutting Horses, Mexican Rodeo Extravaganza, African-American Heritage Rodeo, National Western’s Super Dogs, Western Art Exhibit and Sale and more…

The National Western Stock Show & Rodeo in Denver, Colorado – January 10-25, 2009.

Click the NWSS Official Website link (above) for information, including ticket purchase. [New Yorkers are allowed!]

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