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Lucky Dragon Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas has officially set a grand opening date of Saturday, December 3, 2016.

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Lucky Dragon Hotel & Casino
300 W Sahara Ave
Las Vegas, NV 89102


Lucky Dragon Hotel & Casino 300 W Sahara Ave Las Vegas, NV 89102
Lucky Dragon Hotel & Casino

“Lucky Dragon Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas has officially set a grand opening date of Saturday, December 3, 2016. The property will commemorate the opening with an extravagant series of Asian demonstrations. Among the planned festivities are a firecracker show, which typically accompanies many Asian holidays and celebrations, driving away evil spirits; a lion and dragon dance, bringing good luck and good fortune to all; and the world’s largest traditional Kung Fu tea service will run throughout the hotel & casino. “It’s a great feeling, given the work our entire team has put into bringing Lucky Dragon to Las Vegas, to be able to announce its grand opening,” said David Jacoby” read more…


LVBCs Lucky Dragon Page
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New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas

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New Year's Eve in Las Vegas
New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas

From Vegas.Com
We can sum up New Years Eve in Las Vegas in one word: Crazy. And we mean crazy in a good way. The entire Strip is shut down to traffic and it becomes like one giant block party for you and 300,000 of your closest drinking buddies. At midnight, the casinos launch a choreographed fireworks display that makes the Times Square ball drop look like child’s play. Inside, the showrooms rock with the hottest entertainment and the nightclubs are packed with celebrities and partygoers who are dressed to impress. Book your room now and get the scoop on New Year’s Eve parties and events in Vegas below.

FEATURED PARTIES: — Click for More…
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Oscar Goodman’s whirlwind book launch for ‘Being Oscar’ ends with burgers at Smashburger

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Oscar Goodman
Oscar Goodman

Oscar Goodman’s whirlwind book launch for ‘Being Oscar’ ends with burgers at Smashburger
By Robin Leach
[FROM] Tuesday, May 28, 2013 | 5:20 p.m.

By now, everybody from New York to Las Vegas knows that our former three-term Mayor Oscar Goodman has a bestseller on his hands with the publication of his memoir “Being Oscar.”

When I caught up with him in the whirlwind of autograph and photo sessions that stretched nonstop for six days after his jet-set, two-day, round-trip promotions in Manhattan, he told me, “The movie version is next. And a second book will be coming!”

In The Big Apple, he even had dinner with star chef Daniel Boulud, who last week revealed that he’s returning to Las Vegas to team with The Venetian and the Palazzo for two new restaurants. “One of the best meals of my entire life,” chuckled Oscar, “and very expensive!”

Our contributing photographer Tom Donoghue captured Oscar just about everywhere throughout the Las Vegas Valley: It was definitely him and not a masked man. Although for two appearances at The Mob Museum Downtown, there were plenty of Oscar masks for one amazing photo shoot. Oscar’s image is now even on T-shirts complete with his trademark pinstriped suit.

The excitement began at Oscar’s steakhouse Beef, Booze & Broads in the Plaza Downtown. The line of fans was already out the door a half-hour before he arrived. That first-night celebration continued via Downtown bus tours, with Oscar as official guide over his accomplishments while in office — and even out to Walmart stores. Read more

Another Full Moon August 1, 2012

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Full Moon
Full Moon

There will be yet another Full Moon Aug 1, 2012, 9:27 P.M. Las Vegas time.

From the Old Farmer’s Almanac:
“Historically, the Native Americans who lived in the area that is now the northern and eastern United States kept track of the seasons by giving distinctive names to the recurring full Moons.”

August’s moon is called The Full Sturgeon Moon

“Each full Moon name was applied to the entire month in which it occurred. These names, and some variations, were used by the Algonquin tribes from New England to Lake Superior.” read more about The Full Sturgeon Moon

“In August 2012, we will also enjoy a second full Moon on the 31st! The second full Moon in a month is commonly called a Blue Moon. This occurs about every 2.5 years.”

“Each month, we explain the names of the full Moon—plus, fascinating Moon facts:” The following video from The Old Farmer’s Almanac:

Great Basin, Nevada, Wyoming
According to Western Washington University, the Shoshone word for August’s Moon is “guuteyai-mea'” meaning, “hot.”

Eastern Woodlands
According to Western Washington University, The Mohawk word for August’s Moon is “seskehko:wa” meaning “time of freshness.”

Caesar’s gets key permit for Vegas Strip wheel

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550-foot-high observation wheel
550-foot-high observation wheel

“This artist rendering provided by Caesars Entertainment shows an artists[sic] rendering of a planned 550-foot-high observation wheel on the Strip in Las Vegas. The wheel is expected to be the largest in the world. The Caesars Entertainment is part of a planned $550 million development on the Strip. (AP Photo/Caesars Entertainment)”

Associated Press

“LAS VEGAS — Caesars Entertainment Corp. announced Wednesday that it obtained a key county permit to build the world’s tallest observation wheel in a more than half-billion dollar retail, dining and entertainment complex it is developing on the Las Vegas Strip.”

“The Ferris-style wheel, dubbed the High Roller, is expected to stand 550 feet tall. It is the centerpiece of a planned $550 million development, dubbed LINQ, expected to open next year between the company’s Harrah’s Las Vegas, Imperial Palace and Flamingo Las Vegas casinos.”

“The height would eclipse the nearly 443-foot London Eye, which opened in 1999, and the 541-foot Singapore Flyer, which opened in 2008. Both were the tallest observation wheels in the world when they opened.”

“The Caesars project would also be taller than a 500-foot wheel called SkyVue currently under construction about 3 miles south on Las Vegas Boulevard. That wheel is also expected to open in late 2013″ read more…

“Support structures are now about 200 feet high for the rival SkyVue wheel, being built by developer Howard Bulloch and Compass Investments across the Strip from the Mandalay Bay resort, near McCarran International Airport.”

Casino owner Steve Wynn surprises needy Las Vegans with $2 million, sends tongues wagging

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Arrogant Casino mogul Steve(ie-boy) Wynn
Arrogant casino-mogul Steve(ie-boy) Wynn, A.K.A Stephen Alan Weinberg - LVBC*

Julie Jacobson, File/Associated Press – FILE – In this April 27, 2011 file photo, Steve Wynn is interviewed in Las Vegas. Wynn was revealed as the Las Vegas casino owner who donated an anonymous gift of $500 each to 4,000 southern Nevada families in recent months. The $2 million gift to the United Way of Southern Nevada was the charitable organization’s largest donation to date, and for months, guessing the identity of the donor

By Associated Press, Published: June 25

LAS VEGAS — To LeRoy Stapleton, $500 could mean the difference between prolonged homelessness and finding a job that could get him back on his feet.

“It would be a big help,” said Stapleton, who lined up with 30 other people outside a Las Vegas unemployment office Monday morning waiting for it to open. “You need money to make money. If I had some gas, I could find a job.”

A Las Vegas casino owner’s anonymous gift of $500 each to 4,000 southern Nevada families in recent months has had tongues wagging in a state with the highest unemployment rate in the nation. The $2 million gift to the United Way of Southern Nevada was the charitable organization’s largest donation to date, and for months, guessing the identity of the donor became a popular pastime in Las Vegas.

The first round of families received $500 bank gift cards just before Christmas 2011. Another 2,000 families received the donations Saturday in Las Vegas. The families were not told how much they would receive. Casino titan Steve Wynn confessed earlier this month to a newspaper columnist that he was the not-so-secret donor, but the families were never told Wynn was behind the funds read more…
*Tag by LasVegasBuffetClub.Com
“But he wouldn’t shake their hands” “Stevie-boy doesn’t like plain-citizens to stand too close to him.” – LVBC editor & janitor
The question remains, did Steve Wynn ruin Las Vegas?

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Sahara offers last goodbyes after nearly 60 years

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This is reprint of an older post, from around May of this year, however I thought YOU may have missed the demise of the Sahara.
This is very important news, for Las Vegites. After all, this is like Las Vegas loosing an arm or a leg.

Sahara Hotel - August 1954
Sahara Hotel - August 1954

Posted: May 14, 2011 | 8:52 p.m.
Updated: May 15, 2011 | 1:10 p.m.

In it’s day, the Sahara was Las Vegas’ epicenter.

Peter Villalobos would know.

For almost 35 years, he manned the Strip hotel’s front desk.

He watched the parade of celebrities and the pseudocelebrities.

He supervised thousands of hotel check-ins for high rollers and want-to-be high rollers.

Villalobos will be at his front desk terminal Monday when the Sahara’s final guest checks out at around noon. The nearly 60-year-old Strip resort will cease operations two hours later, a victim of both the recession and of progress.

Sahara owners SBE Entertainment of Los Angeles and private equity firm Stockbridge Real Estate of San Francisco acquired the hotel-casino in 2007 from the family of the late casino pioneer William Bennett. The new owners had hopes of breathing new life into the resort. They have not announced plans for the 18-acre corner of the Strip and Sahara Avenue.

In March, SBE said it was “no longer economically viable” to operate the Sahara.


Last week, Arash Azarbarzin, president of SBE’s hotel division, who has overseen the Sahara since the company took control, said the goal was to close the Strip resort “quietly and with dignity.”

His thoughts have been with employees like Villalobos, who remained loyal to the property, even as the city’s two-decade building boom added megaresorts that dwarfed the aged, 1,720-room Sahara.

Villalobos gave Azarbarzin a firm handshake last week and thanked him for the four years that SBE kept the property operating. The year SBE took over, the company spent about $2 million to refurbish and make cosmetic changes to the Sahara’s public areas. SBE never operated the casino; that was done by Navegante Group read more…

Sahara Marquee
Sahara Marquee

From ClassicLasVegas.SquareSpace.Com

Wilbur Clark’s Desert Inn Hotel History / The Swinging Sahara Hotel History – 1950s

The Swinging Sahara Hotel History – 1950s
Post-WWII Las Vegas must have looked very inviting. Men with vision were coming into town to build hotels to cater to Americans hungry to travel after the rationing and sacrifices of the War. In less than ten years, there were five hotels, the El Rancho Vegas, Hotel Last Frontier, the Fabulous Flamingo, the Thunderbird and Wilbur Clark’s Desert Inn built on the two-lane highway that led to Fremont Street.

Though some locals wondered where all the people would come from to fill the new resorts, the men with vision kept assuring everyone they would come.

Fred Schivo was a long-time gamer who had the idea for the Club Bingo, a 300-seat bingo parlor. He had to find investors that would be willing to take the financial plunge. He lucked out when he met Milton Prell from Butte, Montana. Prell had operated the “30 Club” in Butte but like many other gambling visionaries of the day he relocated to the friendly climes of Las Vegas in the 1940s. Though not as well known today as others such as Wilbur Clark and Del Webb, Prell nonetheless, made an impact on Las Vegas.

Club Bingo opened on a rainy day, July 24th, 1947. In addition to the bingo parlor there were a few other games of chance but the Club Bingo had a reputation for fine food in its Bonanza Room. There were no hotel rooms, the Club Bingo was just a club for gambling, fine dining and they had a small showroom that showcased the talented Dorothy Dandridge, comedian Stan Irwin and the Treniers.

Milton Prell soon realized that the future of the Las Vegas Strip was in having a resort hotel that catered to the tourists swarming in from Southern California. That meant financing the building of a major hotel

Located on the east side of the Highway and directly across from the El Rancho Vegas, the Club Bingo had a prime location. In the years ahead, Prell would also build the Lucky Strike and the Mint Hotel on Fremont Street but it was the construction of the Sahara that led to the creation of the Sahara-Nevada Corporation which he would ultimately sell to Del Webb.

Prell approached Dallas financial wizard A. Pollard Simon with plans for 276 two-story units. Simon agreed to go ahead with the Sahara project despite the fact he was also helping finance Wilbur Clark’s Desert Inn. Local air-conditioning contractor Al Wild introduced Prell to Del Webb. Webb had just finished working on the Fabulous Flamingo. Wild had known Webb since 1935. Ultimately, according to Wild, Webb, Prell and Simon agreed to a “cost plus” arrangement that included a percentage of stock (20% it was later learned) in the new hotel be given to Webb as partial payment for his services.

The architect was Max Maltzmann and the designer was Albert Parvin. Maltzmann had been working in Los Angeles since the 1920s. Architecturally, according to Alan Hess, “the Sahara followed the basic partner of the Desert Inn and the Thunderbird. It featured a tall brick pylon at the entry which anchored the low wings that spun outward from its center like a pinwheel.” The motif was similar to the Arizona Biltmore in Phoenix by Frank Lloyd Wright. There the sculptural elements of the textile block provided ornament. At the Sahara, the signage became the ornament.

The theme was North Africa. Statues of plastic camels and Arabs dotted the facade. Inside there was the Congo Room (the showroom), the Casbah Lounge and the Caravan Room. All that seemed to be missing was the Cafe Americain from Casablanca. Life-size models of African warriors, spears held high, flanked the Congo Room entrance. A nomadic caravan including camels was placed out front on the lawn.
The Caravan Room looked out over the pool terrace. Like all the other hotels back then, the Sahara was basically a motel in form. It had a low main building with a lobby and a casino in the front and the rooms to the sides. The glassy restaurants such as the Caravan Room looked out not only on the pool area but the well manicured and landscaped lawns. Lucius Beebe gushed “its twenty acres of landscaped ground with rare blossoms and shrubs to make even Boston’s Public Gardens look to its tulips” read more, virtually all about it with note-links, photos and more.

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Mandaly Bay Sleep & Eat Deal

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I received this in an email and thought I’d pass it on.

Mandalay Bay Sleep & Eat Special
Mandalay Bay Sleep & Eat Special

Enjoy Rates from $79 - BOOK NOWOr call Mandalay Bay Reservations at 877.632.7800 ask for offer PBUFEMMandalay Bay Resort & CasinoMandalay Bay Resort & Casino

*All Day Buffet includes Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner and must be used on the same day. Only valid for two (2) days of trip and not valid on arrival day. Maximum 2 All Day Buffets per stay.

Rates are subject to change and restricted dates apply. This offer is non-transferable, subject to availability, and may not be used in conjunction with any other MGM Resorts International property offers, including slot tournaments, giveaways, holidays, convention periods and special events. Rates are not intended for guests attending a convention at Mandalay Bay and will be modified to contracted group rate. All prices subject to tax and/or applicable handling fees. Room rates are based on single or double occupancy, additional guest charge of $30 per person, per night unless age 14 or under. Maximum of 4 guests per room. Our resort fee provides you access to select hotel amenities. A daily charge of $18 plus tax will be added to your room account. You must be 21 years of age or older. Mandalay Bay reserves the right to cancel or modify this promotion at its discretion and without prior notice. Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino promotes responsible gaming. If you or someone you know has a problem gaming responsibly, please contact the 24 hour Problem Gamblers HelpLine at 800.522.4700.Mandalay Bay reserves all rights.
© 2011 MGM Resorts International™. All rights reserved.


Celebrate New Year’s Eve in Vegas!

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New Years Eve 2011 - Vegas.Com
New Years Eve 2011 - Vegas.Com

“The Strip fills with revelers. Fireworks light up the sky. The casinos are body-to-body, the showrooms filled with A-list entertainers and Vegas is more gloriously alive than you’ve ever seen it. New Year’s Eve in Vegas is a world-class celebration. Below you can book your room, buy nightclub party tickets, show tickets and get information about the fireworks.”

Visit Vegas.Com to find the perfect gig for bringing in The New Year…


Denver’s New Year’s Eve 2011 Party Guide
“clubZone[sic] ranks the top New Years Eve parties in Denver based on how they’re selling. Review the events below, find the best party for you, buy your tickets in advance… and have a great New Years Eve!”

Find Denver New Year’s Eve information here…


Bring in the New Year information for your city – visit ClubZone.Com.

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Mexican Fiesta in Las Vegas – 200th Mexican Independence Day Celebration

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Las Vegas is letting out all the stops for the 200th Mexican Independence Day Celebration.

On September 16, Mexico is celebrating 200 years of independence from Spanish rule and Las Vegas is joining in on the festivities all weekend long with parties, food and special headline entertainment. Here’s a roundup of what’s going on: (more below from

Viva Las Vegas
Viva Las Vegas
Photo -

MGM Resorts Intl. introduces VIVA, an extended Las Vegas weekend spectacular from September 15-19. This will be a party to remember! Come to Vegas and celebrate Mexico from one end of the strip to the other.
Hombre 1 Dot Com

The VIVA celebration [MGM]begins Wednesday, Sept. 15 with a sold-out concert by Mexican sensation Alejandro Fernandez and the traditional “grito” – a ceremonial late-night declaration of independence – at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. Latin Grammy Award-winners Marco Antonio Solis and Pedro Fernandez continue the Latin music extravaganza Saturday at the Mandalay Bay Events Center. A hilarious mixture of storytelling, parodies, characters and sound effects by Gabriel Iglesias will bring the Monte Carlo Theatre to life Thursday through Saturday.


Experience a uniquely Vegas five-day fiesta presented by MGM Resorts International

LAS VEGAS – Just in time to celebrate 200 years of Mexican independence, MGM Resorts International is proud to introduce VIVA, an extended weekend spectacular, September 15-19. The red, white and green blowout takes place across all Las Vegas MGM Resorts properties and welcomes Latino travelers, and anyone wishing to join the party, to celebrate the bicentennial anniversary of Mexican Independence Day from one end of The Strip to the other.

Room specials – check with an MGM hotel.

From Blog.Vegas.Com
On September 16, Mexico is celebrating 200 years of independence from Spanish rule and Las Vegas is joining in on the festivities all weekend long with parties, food and special headline entertainment. Here’s a roundup of what’s going on:

In celebration of Mexican Independence Day, Tacos & Tequila (T&T) at the Luxor will launch the worldwide premiere of “Viva T&T” Wednesday, September 15 at 8 p.m. The wacky rendition of Elvis Presley’s “Viva Las Vegas” will showcase an entertaining routine choreographed to DJ Ernan’s mariachi mash-up, starring a mini mariachi Elvis and the sexy Elissa cast as a modern-day Ann-Margret.

El Segundo Sol at the Fashion Show Mall is also celebrating all things Mexico on September 16th. “Loco Hour” includes special drinks and food at half price. Try the bottomless chips and three salsas, fried peppers or a quesadilla and wash it all down with El Segundo Sol’s signature Frozen and Shakin’ tableside margaritas. Live music and mariachis will add to the fiesta atmosphere. More from

MGM Grand Hotel’s Official Website
Circus Circus Official Website
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