10Best.com’s list of the 10 Best Restaurants in Las Vegas.

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This is 10Best.com’s list of the ten best restaurants in Las Vegas: 1. Rosemary’s Restaurant, 2. Delmonico Steakhouse, 3. Burger Bar, 4. Pamplemousse, 5. Sterling Brunch, 6. Royal Star, 7. Swiss Café Restaurant , 8. Shintaro, 9. Bartolotta Ristorante di Mare , 10. Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop.

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10Best.com says: For many years, the dining scene in Las Vegas was considered subpar when compared to major cities like New York or Los Angeles. But just like everything else in this sparkling city, dining has been completely revamped – with overwhelmingly positive results. Here you can find outposts of the country’s most famous (and skilled) chefs, read more…

These are, of course, excellent places to eat! The Las Vegas Buffet Club, however, misses some of the long-gone eats & eateries, such as the BOARDWALK’S $.49 Hobo Stew or their greasy cheesebergers late at night; how ’bout the cheap late night breakfasts at SILVER CITY or a Cobb salad at the STARDUST’S TOUCAN HARRY’S. Speaking of Hobo Stew, there used to be an authentic HOBO JUNGLE behind the HACIENDA HOTEL where you could sit back on a discarded aluminum lawn chair and enjoy real Hobo Stew from a bean can. OH YEAH BABE…How about breakfast with TOM WAITS & CHUCK E WEISS at DUKES CAFE on Santa Monica Blvd. or sitting with RON BROWN & BOBBY BOYER at the IHOP in Hollywood next to the new, hot band: THE MONKEES, while RON BROWN was talking about another new band he just played (Fender bass) for in a recording session: CROSBY STILLS & NASH (before Neil Young;) he was also talking about playing with Stevie Wonder – wait a minute, that was in Los Angeles wasn’t it?

ENCORE At Wynn Las Vegas

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The following two paragraphs are from: EARLY VEGAS.COM.
“The Encore Las Vegas tower will be a $2.1 billion, 2,034 room hotel project next to the existing Wynn las [sic] Vegas Resort and on the remaining land of Las Vegas Blvd. Originally envisioned as an addition to the Wynn Las Vegas, The Encore will be a full resort and casino. It is scheduled to open at the beginning of 2009. The hotel features a 74,000 square foot. [sic] casino, manynightclubs [sic], restaurants, and bars. As of the beginning of 2007, construction was up to the 18th floor, and will be about 60 floors when complete. It is set to be the tallest hotel in Las Vegas.”

“As reported by Rod Smith, Gaming Wire: Despite project cancellations and concerns about overbuilding on the Strip, Wynn Resorts Ltd. is proceeding quickly with development of the 2,000-roomWynn Las Vegas Wynn Las Vegas Encore [sic], the second phase of Wynn Las Vegas. Developer Steve Wynn said Thursday the project is on pace to break ground in June, and Perini Building Co. Chairman Dick Rizzo calls Encore one of the surest bets on the Strip for completion by 2010.” read more
Click the read more link for photos and more information from earlyvegas.com

More information from WIKIPEDIA:
“On 28 April 2006, the resort celebrated its one year anniversary by breaking ground on a second hotel tower. [note link deleted] Called Encore, the tower will be a $2.1 billion, 2,034 room hotel project adjacent to the existing resort and on the remaining frontage of Las Vegas Blvd. Originally envisioned as an expansion of Wynn Las Vegas, Encore will be a full-scale resort and is set to open in the first quarter of 2009. The hotel will feature a 74,000 sq.ft. casino, several restaurants, bars, and nightclubs. As of August of 2007, construction was on the 50th floor, and will be 61 floors when complete, making it the same size as Wynn, floors 13, and 40 through 49 will be left out at Mr. Wynn’s request (Ideology which relates to the Western belief of 13 being an unlucky number, as well as the Eastern/Asian belief of the number 4 meaning death.) In August 2007, Steve Wynn stated that the casino that will be part of Encore will feature a similar design to that of Wynn Macau’s casino. [note link deleted]” read more…

Denver Restaurants: My Brother’s Bar, The Red Coral, Torres Mexican Food.

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My Brother’s Bar (2376 15th St. Denver, Colorado; 303-455-9991) is a longtime favorite in Denver.
Click this link to access the LVBC’S page on My Brother’s Bar.
The Red Coral (at 1591 S. Colorado Blvd. Denver, CO 80222) is another favorite. (Review from September 4, 2007)
The Red Coral is a Strip-mall restaurant that primarily serves Mandarin & Chinese food…On the last visit we had Sesame Eggplant ( 茄子- around $8.95.)…This is a small neighborhood restaurant with consistantly good food and wine at fair prices…The house wines start at $2.75…Red Coral offers Carafes & 1/2 Carafes…For an appetizer, try the Vietnamese Summer Rolls (Steamed shrimp, rice noodles, cucumber, bean sprouts, lettuce, cilantro and mint leaves wrapped in rice paper, served with a spicy Asian peanut sauce – $5.95.)
Click this link to access the LVBC’S page for The Red Coral
Torres Mexican Food Restaurant in Denver (Review from September 4, 2007)
1597 S. Federal Blvd.
Denver, Colorado 80219 (303-934-8857)
Torres Mexican Food is an authentic Mexican cantina that serves the basic southwestern dishes: burritos, chile rellenos, enchiladas, tacos etc. as well as seafood dinner fare such as: Shrimp/Oyster cocktails, Shrimp Rancheros, Shrimp fajitas, Fresh oysters, Seafood soup, “Filete” Ranchero, Stripped bass, Tilapia…On my first visit, I had the Green Chile Plate ($6.25) which consisted of a large plate of green chile with big chunks of meat, rising like mountains in the Sea of Cortez, rice & beans and 2 large tortillas…The “regular” Margarita is small, however it is only about $3.75, so… The next step-up is $9.00 – that one is huge. Maybe there should be a mid-size Marg for about $5.00. Other brew prices are very reasonable. Decorated like an Mexican coastal restaurant, the booths seem to be a notch higher in quality, so are the (table) chairs which are proudly emblazoned with the Torres name…Speaking of booths, take a booth in the lounge area; the lounge has a bunch of energy…This is a good discovery. Unless something happens to change my mind, this will be one of my favorite Mexican restaurants in Denver. This is a restaurant where one feels comfortable, accepted and welcome; there is no hoity-toity arrogance.
There is a second location (in a Strip Mall) at 2049 Wadsworth Blvd.
Click this link to access the LasVegasBuffetClub’s page for Torres Mexican Food, includes a link to their website with the complete menu.
Click this link for a partial list of favorite Denver restaurants – when you reach the page, scroll down…