Bay City Diner at The Golden Gate Hotel

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Hopefully, when the new investors of The Golden Gate Hotel make the inevitable “improvements,” they will leave the diner as is. And what it is, is an authentic, on-the-street, “Big City” downtown diner.

I’m not the only one who sees something special in The BAY CITY DINER:
“The Golden Gate Hotel’s BAY CITY DINER has been used for a number of Motion Pictures by Hollywood: It appeared, along with many other classic Fremont Street casinos, in the film Honey, I Blew Up the Kid.”

“In the movie PAY IT FORWARD, Helen Hunt worked at The Golden Gate’s Bay City Diner.” The following is from “Have any of you seen the movie “Pay It Forward“? I did, but after I moved back to Boston in 2002. It was filmed in Las Vegas, and I remember flipping out when there was a scene with Helen Hunt as a change lady. At the Golden Gate. Well, Kevin Spacey’s character brings her flowers and they have the awkward “I like you but can’t really tell you” conversation, and then? They speak of the diner.” [all-sic] Read more

The diner’s Art-Deco interior with it’s dark wood & mirrors has a well aged patina that can’t be duplicated with nails & plasterboard and all the master-craftsmen in Las Vegas. Good gosh, leave something of the old Las Vegas…Especially when the something was “so good to begin with.’ Especially when that something is still very good.

There is a certain something that an older building can impart to a human being. Familiarity of ones surroundings can sooth, calm and refresh us from the harshness of the cold world. Even the behemoth Las Vegas should – at least minimally – preserve emotional havens for it’s citizens.
Locals and casino workers etc. need a few anchors to keep them from drifting, so to speak. And most importantly, I need to check in at the Bay City Diner from time to time.
Las Vegas still has the Peppermill uptown. One wonders when that will fall to another pretentious, plastic palace?

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