The Isle of Capri Casino Hotel in Black Hawk, Colorado / Calypso’s Buffet

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Isle of Capri Casino Black Hawk
401 Main Street
Black Hawk, CO 80422

With a parent company sporting 18 casinos in six (US) states, the Bahamas and the United Kingdom, across the street from the Riviera Black Hawk, the Isle of Capri Casino & Hotel, in the mountain town of Black Hawk, Colorado, is a “full out” Las Vegas style casino with a Las Vegas style buffet. The casino with it’s colorful, vibrant, lively atmosphere is apparently attracting a whole bunch of customers. When I was in the casino last week, it seemed to have more than it’s share of gambling folks when some of the other stores were lacking heads. It was very much alive with a maze of 1300 machines, 18 tables and more…
I didn’t do the buffet since I already dined, but do plan to visit it soon. Although a bit smaller than the big guys, the room was inviting.

Soup's On...

“Savor the great taste of rotisserie chicken, wood stone baked pizza, baked mahi mahi, blue and dungeness crab, steamed clams, scallops or freshly baked breads. ”
“For fun try the Specialty Station spotlighting a variety of cuisines – Mexican, Italian and Asian just to name a few. For a sweet ending, you’ll find all your favorites at the dessert station” [excerpts are from Isle of Capri’s website]
Breakfast $7.99
Daily 7:00am – 10:30am
Lunch $10.99
Daily 11:00am – 3:30pm
$16.99 Sunday – Thursday 4:00pm – 10:00pm
$17.99 Friday & Saturday 4:00pm – 11:00pm

The website goes on to describe the hotel accomodations: “Enjoy a relaxing night in one of our 238 Cabana rooms or Paradise mini-suites. Each room includes in-room movies, wireless Internet access, plus vending and ice machines are located on each floor.”
“Our spacious Cabana rooms feature either one king size bed or two queen size beds.”
“Paradise mini-suites feature either one king size bed or two queen size beds, in-room whirlpool tub, a sitting area, three televisions, iron and ironing board and French doors opening out to beautiful mountain views.”

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The Jim Thorpe / Black Hawk / Olympic Connection.

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This is an admittedly odd post. That’s par for the course these days. Anyway there is a connection between the gaming town of Black Hawk (Colorado,) and Olympic athelete and professional Baseball / Football player Jim Thorpe (1887-1953.)

The gaming town of Black Hawk, Colorado was named after the great Sauk / Fox warrior and chief, Black Hawk.

Chief Black Hawk……….BLACK HAWK – photo is from Wikipedia.

“Black Hawk or Black Sparrow Hawk (Sauk Makataimeshekiakiak (Mahkate:wi-meši-ke:hke:hkwa), “be a large black hawk”) (1767 – October 3, 1838) was a leader and warrior of the Sauk American Indian tribe.” [excerpt is from wikipedia] Born in Rock Island, Illinois in 1767. Chief Black Hawk died in Davis County, Iowa in 1838. “The Black Hawk War was fought in 1832 in the Midwestern United States. The war was named for Black Hawk, a war chief of the Sauk, Fox, and Kickapoo Native Americans, whose British Band fought against the United States Army and militia from Illinois and the Michigan Territory (present-day Wisconsin) for possession of lands in the area.” “During the War of 1812 he fought on the side of the British.” [excerpts are from wikipedia]

Jim Thorpe at the 1912 Summer Olympics……….JIM THORPE – photo is from Wikipedia.
Jim Thorpe’s career years were 1912–1929. Besides the 1912 Olympic Games, Thorpe played baseball for the New York Giants (around 1914) and the Cincinnati Reds (starting in 1917.) “He played for the Canton (Ohio) Bulldogs from 1915 until 1920 and the Cleveland Indiana (Indians) in 1921” according to the Official CMG Website of Jim Thorpe. “Thorpe played with six different teams during his career in pro football, ending with a stint with the Chicago Cardinals in 1929.”

The Jim Thorpe CMG Worldwide website states that: “He was born to Hiram Thorpe, a farmer, and Mary James, a Pottawatomie Indian and descendant of the last great Sauk and Fox chief Black Hawk, a noted warrior and athlete.”
Jim Thorpe was indeed of Sauk Indian heritage. While often reported to be a direct descendant of the great Sauk / Fox chief, Black Hawk, the History Channel says: “Ms. Sue Hartwick, director of the Hoard Museum and Dairy Shrine in Fort Atkinson Wisconsin recently attempted to clear up the matter of Jim Thorpe’s ancestry by contacting the Thorpe family. Ms. Hartwick reported that contacts with Jim Thorpe’s now elderly granddaughter and other direct family decendants all revealed the same stunning conclusion:” read more from the History Channel…
“Thorpe was of mixed Native American and white ancestry. He was raised as a Sac and Fox, and named Wa-Tho-Huk, roughly translated as “Bright Path”. He struggled with racism throughout much of his life and his accomplishments were publicized with headlines describing him as a “Redskin” and “Indian athlete.” He also played on several All-American Indian teams throughout his career and barnstormed as a professional basketball player with a team composed entirely of Native Americans.”

Who do you trust?

“James Francis Thorpe (Wa Tha Huck, Bright Path) was born on May 22, 1887, in Keokuk Falls, south of what is now Prague, Oklahoma, on the Sauk and Fox Indian Reservation. He and his twin brother, Charlie, were baptized on November 17, 1887, at Sacred Heart Catholic Church, in what is now Konawa, Oklahoma, their mother’s home.”

“Jim was one of eleven children born to Hiram P. Thorpe, a man of mixed Sauk and Fox and Irish ancestry; and Charlotte Vieux, of mixed Potawatomi, Kickapoo, Menominee, and French ancestry, the great-granddaughter of Jacques Vieux, a French fur trader. Jim’s father was a horse breeder and trainer and occasional bootlegger. Life was a struggle for the family, and only five of the eleven children grew to adulthood. Jim used to run down the horses on their ranch on the banks of the North Canadian River, an activity that developed his strength and stamina, and helped him hone the athletic skills that would later make him famous.”

“Unfortunately, after this the search quickly becomes muddy. Various writers have claimed that Jim Thorpe was Black Hawk’s grandson; others state he was his great-grandson. Some indicate Sauk decendancy through his father, other claim his mother was decendant from Black Hawk. Attempts to trace Thorpe’s lineage through Whirling Thunder tend to peter out simply due to a lack of credible information. In short, such a distinguished lineage, laced with a blend of irony touched with a sense of ultimate triumph for Black Hawk generations later, should be fairly straighforward to trace….” read more from the History Channel…

Both Jim Thorpe and Black Hawk have roots in the Sauk Nation!

Official CMG Website of Jim Thorpe
Jim Thorpe in Wikipedia…
Black Hawk in Wikipedia
Black Hawk biography webpage

Mayflower Cuisinier Chinese Restaurant Blossoms into Woo Restaurant at The Palazzo, in Las Vegas

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Soup's On...

Woo Restaurant
The Palazzo Hotel
3339 Las Vegas Blvd. South
Las Vegas, Nevada

(The Mayflower Cuisinier was a Chinese Fusion restaurant on Sahara Ave. in Las Vegas.)
“Rated among the top 10 restaurants in Las Vegas” by the Zagat Restaurant Guide. [I think this was around 2005.]
“The menu may highlight Chinese favorites, but the real story about the Mayflower is that is [sic] features Chinese cuisine with and Continental influences, making the Mayflower one of Las Vegas’ most cosmopolitan dining experiences. Executive Chef Ming See Woo emphasizes health and quality ingredients, while adding no MSG to her preparations.”

“Executive Chef Ming See Woo has caught the attention of the “experts” as well. The restaurant received a “Best of the Best” five diamond rating from the prestigious American Academy of Restaurant Sciences as one of the top 25 locations in its “Chinese” category. The Zagat Restaurant Guide ranks Mayflower as the top Chinese restaurant in Las Vegas as well as the fifth most favorite restaurant in the city.” [Excerpts are from the Mayflower’s website – restaurant is now closed.]

The Mayflower has blossomed into Woo Restaurant at the Palazzo.

The following is a restaurant revue, for the Mayflower, that I found on the web:
“Reviewed by IN2JAZZ on 09/20/2007.
“Member since March 2000, Total Reviews: 11 (Male, Bethlehem, PA)”
“Wonderful food, creative menu, artfully executed. Very attentive service had a warm family feel to it. I have been told that they are relocating to the Venetian Hotel in January 2008. They will rename the restaurant as Woo (their family name) and the existing restaurant will close. I am sure that it will be excellent food, but I do enjoy finding the out of the way bargains. I was completely satisfied with our meal at Mayflower.”
– Maybe that reviewer enjoyed the DOM PERIGNON, Moët et Chandon 1990 ($160.00.)

The reviewer was close, the Mayflower did relocate – to The Palazzo Hotel. It’s present incarnation is Woo Restaurant at the Palazzo.

From the new menu:
Beef, Seafood, Lamb Chops, Chicken, Duck, Dim Sum and Vegetables are the basics for the entrees. A few of the variations on the theme(s) are: Lobster on Forbidden and Bhutianese Rice ($36.00,) Stir-fried Scallops in Spicy Szechuan Sauce ($16.00,) Mongolian Grilled Lamb Chops w/Macadamian Crust and Cilantro Mint Sauce ($35.00,) Lobster w/Thai Basil Chili Sauce ($39.00,) and Rock Shrimp Tempura w/Spicy Cilantro ($15.00.)

“Google searches” for the best Chinese restaurant in Las Vegas would often point to The Mayflower Cuisinier. It will be interesting to track Woo Restaurant

Visit Woo Restaurant’s Official Website with full menus, history, photos and more. (Good website…)
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