June’s Full Moon: The Full Strawberry Moon/Super Moon

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Full Moon
Full Moon

The Old Farmer’s Almanac’s Amy Nieskens

From The Old Farmer’s Almanac
Historically, the Native Americans who lived in the area that is now the northern and eastern United States kept track of the seasons by giving distinctive names to the recurring full Moons.

Each full Moon name was applied to the entire lunar month in which it occurred.

These names, and some variations, were used by the Algonquin tribes from New England to Lake Superior.

The month of June’s full Moon’s name is the Full Strawberry Moon. June’s Full Strawberry Moon got its name because the Algonquin tribes knew it as a signal to gather ripening fruit.

It was often known as the Full Rose Moon in Europe (where strawberries aren’t native).

From space.brevardtimes.com/
2013 Strawberry Moon is a SUPER MOON

CAPE CANAVERAL, Florida — There is going to be a full Moon on the night of June 22, 2013, but not just any full Moon, it will be a Strawberry Moon that is also a Super Moon.

According to Native American folklore, this full Moon is called a Strawberry Moon because the short season for harvesting strawberries comes during the month of June. Other names for the first full Moon is June are Rose Moon and Flower Moon.

Are Strawberry Moons red or pink in color?

Sometimes. But Strawberry Moons are not necessarily red or pink in color just because they occur in June.

Like any full Moon, the Moon can appear pink, like the one in this video taken two months ago, which can be caused by atmospheric conditions on Earth or a partial lunar eclipse. Strawberry Moons can also appear brown-red in color during a total lunar eclipse.

According to NASA, the full moon on June 30, 1996 was barely a “Blue Moon” because it occurred as the second Full Moon within the month. In time zones East of Brevard County on Florida’s Space Coast, however, this was the first Full Moon of July.

What’s so special about this 2013 Strawberry Super Moon?

This Super Moon will be the closest Super Moon of 2013. This Strawberry Super Moon will appear 13% larger and 30% brighter than normal Full Moons.

According to NASA, a Super Moon occurs because the Moon is in an elliptical orbit around the Earth. When the Moon is closest, it is at its orbital perigee, which is why a Super Moon is also known as a Perigee Moon Read more…

COOK E JARR: Voted # 1 More times than any other Lounge Performer in the History of Las Vegas!

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This post is from Harrah’s website

Voted # 1 More times than any other Lounge Performer in the History of Las Vegas!

What Happens In Vegas, Stays in Vegas. That’s been true of lounge legend Cook E. Jarr since June 2nd, 1982, when he and his backup group, the Krums arrived from Atlantic City, NJ for a two-week gig at the now imploded Sands.

The Sands may be long gone but the Cookster’s still cooking on the Strip, his new home now being The Piano Bar inside Harrah’s Las Vegas Hotel & Casino where he can be found performing Saturdays & Sundays from 4pm – 6pm.

The music may have changed, with hip-hop hits from Nelly, 50-Cent, Usher and OutKast joining old standbys from Steppenwolf to Kool and the Gang. But the act remains much the same. Booming, booty-shaking music. Plentiful patter from the motor mouth musician, punctuated by the Cookster’s dog barks, imitation engine-revving (which comes in handy during “Born to Be Wild”) and other trademark sound effects Read more…

From the editor
I had an apartment next door to the Continental (now Terrible’s) on Paradise, just a few blocks north of the Hard Rock, when the Cookster held court late night in the lounge. For a while it was the hipster place to be in Las Vegas. I moved to the apartment on Paradise Boulevard – because in the 70s I was homeless and living on the Las Vegas Streets; one of those streets was Paradise. I needed to “get back” at that street because it was so very mean..

Harrah’s Las Vegas Hotel & Casino
Cook E Jarr’s Official Website

La Loma Mexican Restaurant in Denver

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La Loma
La Loma

La Loma Mexican Restaurant
2527 West 26th Avenue
Denver, CO 80211-4804
(303) 433-8300

La Loma is the Real-Deal traditional, Mexican restaurant in an old house (1887) in the *”old neighborhood.”

“La Loma is located in a distinctive Denver home that was constructed in 1887. The home accommodates a Cantina with a large fireplace, and three unique dining rooms – The Colonial Room, The Victorian Room and The Galleria are a blend of early American and Southwestern Cultures.” [Excerpt is from La Loma’s website]

The Old House is an island of tranquility and class in an old North Denver neighborhood. Dark woods/beams, exposed brick, cozy booths, and an antique, (working) taco machine provide the background for this above average Mexican restaurant.

Several dining areas including the main dining room, with booths and tables underneath a high beamed-ceiling of rich dark woods that invite the eye to explore the nooks and crevices, and a couple of ceilings fans. There are booths and tables as well as a dozen bar stools in the lounge area; there’s a gorgeous patio with a half-wall of old vines, with dining tables, and there’s another dining room up a few stairs I have not had the pleasure of visiting – next time.

The food is fairly traditional Mexican fare serving the standards such as: tacos, burritos, fajitas, enchiladas, chimichangas, and combinations, as well as seafood, steaks, soups, salads and more. Access La Loma’s Full Menu here.

The place is all class with an attentive, friendly staff. The clientele is varied with a large number of young, affluent, good-looking Margarita aficionados. Seriously, some very attractive young ladies have been spotted – every time this writer has been there. I have to be on the lookout so that I can report accurately.

The chips “of” the Chips and Salsa are the lightest I’ve ever had, thin and not the least bit greasy. The Margaritas are served in small, medium and large sizes, with a variety of flavors and tequilas. FYI – the small is big.

Of course there’s the full, well-stocked bar.
Hours: Sun – Thu/ 11am – 10pm – Fri – Sat/ 11am – 11pm
Happy Hour: Reduced drink prices and appetizers
Mon – Sat/ 2pm – 6pm

La Loma’s Official Website

*Hispanic neighborhood near – what used to be – Denver’s Little Italy.

Oscar Goodman’s whirlwind book launch for ‘Being Oscar’ ends with burgers at Smashburger

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Oscar Goodman
Oscar Goodman

Oscar Goodman’s whirlwind book launch for ‘Being Oscar’ ends with burgers at Smashburger
By Robin Leach
[FROM] Tuesday, May 28, 2013 | 5:20 p.m.

By now, everybody from New York to Las Vegas knows that our former three-term Mayor Oscar Goodman has a bestseller on his hands with the publication of his memoir “Being Oscar.”

When I caught up with him in the whirlwind of autograph and photo sessions that stretched nonstop for six days after his jet-set, two-day, round-trip promotions in Manhattan, he told me, “The movie version is next. And a second book will be coming!”

In The Big Apple, he even had dinner with star chef Daniel Boulud, who last week revealed that he’s returning to Las Vegas to team with The Venetian and the Palazzo for two new restaurants. “One of the best meals of my entire life,” chuckled Oscar, “and very expensive!”

Our contributing photographer Tom Donoghue captured Oscar just about everywhere throughout the Las Vegas Valley: It was definitely him and not a masked man. Although for two appearances at The Mob Museum Downtown, there were plenty of Oscar masks for one amazing photo shoot. Oscar’s image is now even on T-shirts complete with his trademark pinstriped suit.

The excitement began at Oscar’s steakhouse Beef, Booze & Broads in the Plaza Downtown. The line of fans was already out the door a half-hour before he arrived. That first-night celebration continued via Downtown bus tours, with Oscar as official guide over his accomplishments while in office — and even out to Walmart stores. Read more

Tony Ps: Italian Imagination with a Side of Marinara

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Tony Ps
777 East 17th Avenue
Denver, CO 80203

Tony Ps
Tony Ps

We were driving down 17th in Denver (not 4th Street in San Raphael, CA, where American Graffiti was filmed.) Huh?

Saw a pink building which immediately made me think of The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus.

I was familiar with the building, I had been there before, and have seen it’s many incarnations over the years. In fact the building had quite a rep: it was jinxed, so to speak. Some also say that the place is haunted. Tony Pasquini says it.

I saw the name Tony Ps and knew immediately this was another Italian restaurant by Denver pizza king, Tony Pasquini. Tony now operates a number of restaurants in and around Denver. We decided to stop even though we had to circle the block several times before we found a place just in front of the restaurant on E 17th.

We went in, felt a good vibe and sat at a cozy table on the lower level. High back booths, Pasquiniesque inlaid tables: this one had gears, bottle-tops, and other assorted guy’s stuff sunk into hard resin-topped table tops. There was a view south across 17th. through a lot of glass and a – sort of yellow-hue Tuscan shadow thing going on on the other side of the room.

Tony Ps lower level
Tony Ps lower level

I saw several very hip ladies of the staff walking about. Tony Pasquini is attracting some very hip people with this latest incarnation of the Tony Ps brand, formerly Pasquinis – not just staff, customers as well.

We enjoyed a house, Happy Hour vino with bites of a Pasquini staple: soft, buttered pizza-dough twists served gratis, with a red dipping sauce, shaker-cheese and red-pepper-flakes. The cheese and pepper are up to you. Well we sat there enjoying the vibe for awhile.

The indomitable Tony Pasquini stopped at the table and engaged us. We talked a bit about the old days; I remember him when he was just starting to bar-tend at the first Pasquini’s on South Broadway. I remember when it was The Pizza Queen. I was traveling in a motor home and would periodically check in to a small motel down the road a piece from the restaurant.

Time flies squared!

I mentioned that several restaurateurs failed in this location, he countered that the building was also haunted. I had heard that.

He asked if we had been upstairs, we had not but I had been eyeing the stairs. He invited us to go up, and that he’d meet us upstairs. Very cool. The walk up the stairs was about dark wood and a promise of something good. The promise delivered. A dance floor, long bar and little booths, tables and crevices where one can hide, or show off

Tony introduced us to a nice couple who were planning a swing-dance event. It was cool, reminded me of Vegas’ Four Queens when they were doing Jazz upstairs. We signed off leaving an email address and left the premises. I’m sure we will come back. Did I feel so comfortable because this was my hood, or is it really that cool?

Formerly, JR’s Bar & Grill as well as several others, like a New Orleans themed club, 777 East 17th Avenue has seen owners come and go as other venues seemed to click. There have always been rumors that the building is haunted.

I’m bett’n that this is a hit; it will be one of Denver’s places to see and be seen this summer, especially with the upstairs bar, to say nothing of the second floor balcony overlooking 17th. Ave. It’s a Denver thing.

Balconies overlooking 17th Ave
Balconies overlooking 17th Ave

Tony Ps serves excellent NY style pizza and classic Italian entrees and more. Click the website link for full menus. There are two bars and two levels of restaurant seating.

Tony Ps official website

Patsy’s Inn Italian Restaurant in Denver: Go Fish

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Patsy's Italian Restaurant
Patsy's Italian Restaurant

Patsy’s Italian Restaurant
3651 Navajo Street
Denver, CO 80211
(303) 477-8910

We dined at my favorite Denver Italian restaurant the other night, and the dish we shared was the best we’ve had in years. Of course there have been several owners as well as different dishes served over the years, but this was – hands down one of the best.

The dish was “Italian Fried Trout
Ruby Trout dusted lightly with herbed flour and flash fried, served with garlic creme spaghetti. The huge (bragging rights) fish was filleted and laid out on a large plate in two fat pieces with golden garlic creme spaghetti filling the rest of the plate. I’m a red-sauce guy but this light, creamy beauty hugged the spaghetti in a perfect marriage with the fish ($13.75) including Homemade Minestrone Soup or House Salad, and bread.

This may be a one hit wonder – we’ll see – though I might have to order my regular fav next time: Patsy’s big, fat homemade noodles with the garlicky red sauce served with balls or sausage, or one of each ($10.75) with Homemade Minestrone Soup or House Salad, and bread.

Or we’ll try the Ruby Trout again hoping they can repeat perfection.

There’s a new seats-you-at-a-table guy/barkeep at Patsy’s. He seems to be a good guy and adds high energy to the place; the downside is that the ice-cool and lovely, SB is no longer at the helm of the bar – a role she could have played in a Bogart film scene for scene. She will be missed.

Patsy’s Inn Italian Restaurant


Tony Pasquini keeps hit ‘n ’em out of the park with another home run – his new Tonys Ps on 17th Street in Denver.

Tonys Ps
777 East 17th Avenue
Denver, CO 80203

Tony Ps
Tony Ps

Lodged in a deep groove of Denver hip, Tony P found a sweet spot with this uptown Dr. Parnassus-like Imaginarium/Restaurant/Hip Lounge.

They say it’s haunted… More later…

Tony Ps Website