Kathy Marshall Queen of The Surf Guitar

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Over the past 55-years or however long it’s been that I’ve been listening, playing or in some other way connecting with Surf Music as well as other genres of music, I somehow missed this.

“She was rightly recognized for her talent, but it was the fact that she was a girl and could show up the boys that earned her the big buzz.” -reverbcentral.com

“During the heyday of surf instrumental music in the sixties, there was a now-legendary Queen of the Surf Guitar. She was a 13 year old girl named Kathy Marshall. She didn’t have her own band, but she did sit in with several of the top bands of the day. Kathy was a frequent “member” of surf legends Eddie and the Showmen, the Blazers, and the Crossfires (who later became the Turtles). There were no releases with her guitar on them (only two unheard acetates exist that I know of), but her double picking talent made quite a stir in those days.“ From BOYS WILL BE BOYS (And Girls Won’t), at reverbcentral.com. Read more

Kathy Marshall Queen of The Surf Guitar Kathy Marshall Queen of The Surf Guitar

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Free Buffet for Veterans
Free Buffet for Veterans

Veterans, Enjoy the Buffet on Us

Ameristar Black Hawk (info@e.pinnaclemychoice.com) 9:31 AM

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In honor of Veterans Day, all military personnel who have served past and present may receive one free buffet at Centennial Buffet. Simply present your military identification card to the cashier.

Ameristar Black Hawk
Ameristar Black Hawk’s CENTENNIAL BUFFET

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Life is Beautiful, Nunsense, Dayna Roselli and More

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The Most Reverend Monti Rock lll
The Most Reverend Monti Rock lll

This post is reprinted from The Most Reverend Monti Rock llls pages.

Monti Rock
October 10 at 2:35pm ·

Life is Beautiful, Nunsense, Dayna Roselli and More

A reminder with a slight correction: Arthur Kasarjian is bringing us the Jay Harvey Production of “Nunsense,” the hit musical that has audiences laughing hysterically wherever it plays. It opens on Nov 2nd in the Kahunaville Dinner Theater at Treasure Island, not at a the Westgate as previously listed.

The “Life is Beautiful” festival proved that life CAN be beautiful as was seen in downtown Las Vegas from Sept. 25-Sept 27. The area was buzzing with 100,000 people who came out to see a multitude of musical acts. The weather was absolutely incredible. It shows you how the young rock ‘n’ rollers all get together for these monumental events and have a wonderful time without any violence. Though the festival fell short of the level of last years’ entertainers, there were entertaining acts like The Killers, Shamir, Snoop Dogg, and Imagine Dragons. The showstoppers were Stevie Wonder, Brandon Flowers, and Duran Duran. It boiled down to three 3 sets, 10 hours each, of non-stop music. Food and beer vendors, as well as local businesses, made money, thereby assuring that there will be more festivals to come for the next few years. Continue reading