Circa Sports Million: New Football Handicapping Contest Coming To Vegas

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A new sportsbook operator in Nevada, Circa Sports, is launching with a huge football handicapping contest in 2019.

Details on the “Circa Sports Million” football contest are still being worked out, but Mike Palm shared some details on VSiN this week.



Casino operator and developer Derek Stevens (pictured) is launching a new sportsbook operation in downtown Las Vegas on June 1. Circa Sports was recently approved by the Nevada Gaming Control Board to operate in Nevada. The new sportsbook operation will serve Stevens’ casinos:

  • June 1: Golden Gate
  • Late June: The D
  • December 2020: Circa Las Vegas

The first Circa Sports sportsbook taking wagers is opening at the Golden Gate on June 1. Another one of Derek Stevens’ casinos, The D Las Vegas, will be opening its Circa Sports sportsbook closer to the end of June. Lastly, the namesake Circa Las Vegas is scheduled to open in December 2020. When it opens, the new sportsbook will have the largest sportsbook TV screen in the world.


Circa Sports might expand beyond these properties and the state of Nevada in the future but the plan is to focus on their own casinos.

Circa Sports is the first new sportsbook operator to open in Nevada in more than five years.



The “Circa Sports Million” will be a handicapping contest similar to the Westgate Las Vegas SuperContest. The entry fee will be $1,000 and contestants will pick five pro football games against the spread every week.

The grand prize is guaranteed to be $1,000,000 regardless of how many people enter the contest. Getting 1,000 people to sign up for a new contest won’t be easy. As Palm said to VSiN,  it’s entirely possible there will be an overlay since this is the first year of the Circa Sports Million.

There will be approximately $1.5 million in total prizes in the inaugural contest this year. The Top 10 finishers will receive prize money. There will also be prizes awarded every quarter of the football season for the most correct picks. Prizes will be split if there are ties each quarter.

As of now, lines for the contest will be posted on Thursday morning each week of the NFL season around 8 am or 9 am. According to Palm, they’re still working out a deadline for when picks need to be submitted.

Similar to the SuperContest, participants must sign up for the contest in person. One thing that will be different than the SuperContest is the ability for contestants inside of Nevada will be able to make picks on their mobile app instead of visiting a casino to submit picks.

Proxy services will be allowed for out of state contestant to enter picks. However, Nevada residents can save a few bucks and submit picks from the comfort of home.



Stevens is a sports bettor that happens to operate casinos. He wants Circa Sports to evoke his passion for both.

Stevens wants customers to feel a similar rush that he had last year with a $25,000 bet on Michigan at 40-1 to win the NCAA basketball tournament. The potential win would have paid a cool million bucks and he wants others to feel that excitement.

The Golden Gate will offer a “no juice” promotion on opening day, June 1. This promotion and the “Circa Sports Million” are just the beginning. Expect to see more contests similar to the “Win Derek’s Car” promotion now running at The D Las Vegas.


True Hero

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Just 3 Days From Graduation, 18-Year-Old Student Killed in STEM School Shooting – Kendrick Castillo – Is a True Hero

Joy Moore 5/8/19


Just three weeks ago, Colorado schools closed on a random Wednesday (April 17) – all because of fears that a deranged Columbine-infatuated teen was planning a school massacre in the Denver metro area.

Kendrick Castillo’s school, STEM School Highlands Ranch, was closed that day, too. And once the threat was put to rest, and the sun rose again the following day, kids across Colorado flocked back to school – back into their routine, Kendrick Castillo included.

Just another Thursday in Colorado.

Just another day in 2019.



Unbeknownst to everyone, however, plans for another school shooting were brewing.

And when the time came, Kendrick would make an instant decision that would cost him his life.

According to witnesses and the coroner, Kendrick and another student charged and lunged at one of the shooters when he entered their classroom on Tuesday, May 7. As a result, he’s being touted a hero, having taken some of the gunfire that would have inevitably hit someone else. Kendrick was killed, but he died in the act of protecting his classmates.


“I wish he had gone and hid,” Kendrick’s father, John Castillo, told The Denver Post. “But that’s not his character. His character is about protecting people, helping people.”

Kendrick Castillo, Courtesy of LinkedIn

A lover of science, robotics, and the great outdoors, Kendrick was just three days away from being done with his high school coursework. The seniors’ last day was scheduled to be Friday, May 10, with commencement exercises planned for May 20, according to the school’s website. Kendrick was also scheduled to compete in a “Rods and Robots” event this weekend. Instead, that event has been canceled, as have classes at the school for the rest of this week.

Kendrick planned to study mechanical or electrical engineering at Arapahoe Community College in the fall.

He was also an only child.

“My wife and I are in a haze,” John Castillo said. “He was everything to us.” Read more…

In addition to Kendrick’s heroic act, another student and aspiring marine Brendan Bialy also jumped into action and rushed the gunman that entered his classroom, helping to subdue him. The United States Marine Corps called his courage “admirable and inspiring” in a statement. A current poolee in the Marine Corps Delayed Entry Program (DEP), Bialy is scheduled to start his training this summer.

Brendan Bialy, Courtesy of Bialy family