Haitian Divorce

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You can go to Vegas for a quickie marriage, but what if you want a quickie divorce? In the early ’70s, Haiti made it easy, allowing foreigners to divorce with hardly any restriction; the big sell was that only one member of the married party had to be present and request it.

For Haiti, this was a tourism ploy, as travel agents would send Americans looking for a quick and easy divorce to the island, where they would often spend some time on a resort. In many cases, these divorces were requested so that the person could immediately get remarried – a service Haiti also provided. So it was not uncommon for a married man to show up in Haiti with his mistress, get a divorce, and marry the new girl all in the course of a weekend.

Who played guitar on Haitian Divorce?
Dean Parks

Steely Dan used a talkbox on this track, which is the same processor Black Sabbath used on “Iron Man” to create the robotic sounds. In “Haitian Divorce,” hired hand Dean Parks played the guitar, Walter Becker processed it though[sic] a talkbox to his specifications.