The FULL WOLF MOON will occour January 6, 2023 at 6:08 PM EST

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Full Wolf Moon
Full Wolf Moon

From The Farmer’s Almanac: “Amid the cold and deep snows of midwinter, the howling of wolves could be heard in the cold winter nights outside Native American villages. Thus, the name for January’s full moon, the Full Wolf Moon.’

‘Because wolves often hunt at night, their howling has become associated with nightfall and particularly, the Moon. However, the centuries-old notion of wolves howling at the full Moon is known to be more folklore than fact.”

Because January’s full Moon was usually the first full moon after Christmas, some cultures referred to it as the Moon After Yule. Others have sometimes referred to January’s full Moon as the Full Snow Moon, but most Native American tribes applied that name to the next full Moon.

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Here’s a short YouTube video on The FULL WOLF MOON, featuring Amy Nieskens.

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