Just Like Old Times: Art Bell On The Air

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Overnight radio emperor, Art Bell, was On-The-Air last night, broadcasting live from Manila (in the Philippines.)
May 16, 2009 …”Live from Manila, Art Bell returned for a discussion with Prof. Peter Ward about his latest work on mass extinctions and the self destructive nature of our planet, as well as the possibility for life in our solar system and beyond. Saturn’s moon…”

Nice suprise to turn on the radio last night and hear the master back on the “Coast To Coast” all-night radio program. Apparently Mr. Bell was back in Manila on business and did a show from his condo in the Philippines.

It was a “blast from the past” reminiscent of “Coast To Coast” programs in the 90s. Tucked in my RV, I’d listen to the show – all night long – while parked in the desert just outside Pahrump (Nevada) a few miles from Art’s house. In those days, AB was broadcasting from his home in Pahrump, after moving to Pahrump from Las Vegas, where he began the overnight show. In Las Vegas he was broadcasting from KDWN.

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