Good Karma on South Broadway

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22 South Broadway
Denver, CO 80209
ph: 303-871-0167
alt: 303-871-0338

There is a restaurant one-half block south of North Broadway in Denver, Colorado that gives good Karma. Karma is an Asian Fusion restaurant, at 22 South Broadway, in that ‘tween area (the line of demarcation between North and South Broadway – give or take a block or two) that is enjoying a proliferation of restaurants and bars: Beatrice & Woodsley, Blue Ice, Deluxe, Go Fish, Hi-Dive, Hornet, Irish Rover, Karma, Mona’s, Spicy Basil and Three Kings (also: Barry’s, Famous Pizza, Swift Steak House) …These are just the restaurants on Broadway. This area is smok’n hot.

This post is about good Karma – Karma the restaurant. Entering Karma is like walking into a dream. The dining room is tastefully, dark. High, dark, wood paneling on the walls, behind tables, creates depth. A hostess-station/take-out counter/alter commands attention with an orange, acrylic, lit-from-within, sculpture of a large head (with large earrings,) seemingly watching over the room. A ruby-red, crystal chandelier hangs, mystically, above. Other brass-toned Asian art, a full size Buddha and other artifacts adorn the restaurant.

The menu is a fusion of primarily: Korean, Thai, Vietnamese and Chinese cuisines. As one ponders the sizable menu and “takes in” the dream-state decor, a metal cup containing ice-water is brought to the table.

On our first visit, we ordered: Green Curry
“Historically known as the Queen of all curries. Spicy green curry, sweet basil, eggplants, green beans, bell peppers, zuchinni, broccoli, bamboo shoots simmered in coconut milk.” $9.00
and Coconut Shrimp (6)……………………..6.95

The curry was served in a hot-pot, and it was two-ways, hot-hot. The curry flavor was not overpowering, as curry sometimes is. There was a background taste of mint in the dish, which consisted of a thick broth/soup with the previously mentioned veggies. I ordered the Green Curry with Tofu.

The Coconut Shrimp was served with a mint flavored (ginger?) dipping sauce. Next time I would request that the shrimp were a bit less “done.” They were just this side of being burnt. Then again, maybe they were perfect. The crispyness added another dimension of flavor.

On the menu: Asian Tappas (2.95-8.95,) Salads (7.95- 10.95,) Soups (1.50-9.95,) Karma Specials (10.95-14.95,) Karma Wok (Dinner 8.50-9.25,) Karma Wok (Lunch 6.50-7.00,) Noodles and Rice (7.95 10.95,) Karma Pho (7.95-9.95,) Karma Thai Curries (Lunch 6.50-Dinner 8.95,) Desserts and Beverages, including Beer, Wine, Sake, and a limited selection of hard liquor.

The appropriate, background music was puncuated with drums, cymbals and bells.

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