SPUD MONKEYS headlining the Riverside Art and Music Festival, Aug 15th in Salida, Colorado

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“Once upon a time, there was a little town called Crestone CO. And in that town there was a dusty saloon called the Silver Crest Palace. It was a rough place at the end of a dead end road, filled with dropouts and outlaws. It was the kind of place you wouldn’t want to bring your kids to, but people did anyway. At one end of the bar was a jukebox and at the other end a stage, and on that stage the local talent came together to play. Out of those local performers, Keepher Pez handpicked only the cream of the crop to form the greatest band to ever grace the upper San Luis Valley. This band called themselves the Spudmonkeys, and it was good. Since their humble beginnings, the Spudmonkeys have played in as many gin joints and speakeasies as they could, honing their musical skills and blowing the minds of audience members along the way. Spudmonkeys has a large and growing fan base that travels to see them play. Their popularity is due to the word of mouth advertising that continues to pac venues the band has only played one or two times.”

“The Spuds will be playing at the Riverside Art and Music Festival, in the lovely town of Salida, CO. We will be the headliner Aug 15th on the main stage in Riverside Park @ 6:00pm this should be a great show so I hope everyone will be there!”

Information is from the Spud Monkey’s Official Website.

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