Mickey Rourke is “THE WRESTLER”

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The Wrestler
The Wrestler

On some far off planet called New Jersey, where the men are as hard as grey sky and the women are as attractive as Marisa Tomei, the film “THE WRESTLER” was crafted.   

At least the movie was supposedly filmed in New Jersey.  Wait a minute, it has to be from a planet called New Jersey,  I’ve never seen human beings like that on this planet.  At least not as many in one place, not as many who have gone astray, not as many who are so far from the PTA, and the FTA, and the CIA.  But then again, that’s a Western perspective…   

Mickey Rourke as Randy ‘The Ram’ Robinson is a fading professional wrestler who’s holding on to his career and his life, as both are slipping away.  He is proud of his trade and accepts the trade-off of having “small change” and a broken body for having self-respect;  it’s just part of the deal.   The fix is in, Randy feels, and the fat cats who ride in limos have the limos but no real skills.  Randy has skills and talent, and long hair, and Marisa Tomei (as Cassidy – a striptease artist with a heart of gold.)  He is his own boss (most of the time) and lives in a single family dwelling (a trailer in a seedy trailer park,) and fans sometime ask him for an autograph.

When times get tough-er, Randy takes a job behind a deli counter.  He slices and dices – until smacked with the undeniable reality that living his true destiny – and loosing, is better than success in living a life without passion .  He goes back to “take it to the limit – one more time.”

Bruce Springsteen soulfully garbles the theme to “THE WRESTLER” (Written by Bruce Springsteen) in another haunting, distant Springsteenian tune, also named “THE WRESTLER.”

Marisa Tomei
Marisa Tomei

“Goowrgish” Marisa Tomei’s dual performance as Cassidy, and the mother, may win her an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress. Mickey Rourke is also a top contender – for Best Actor – if you havn’t heard.
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