Denver artist Jesse DuBois hard at work at Whole Foods Market

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Jesse Dubois
Jesse DuBois
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I snapped this photo of Denver artist Jesse Dubois at the Whole Foods store on South Colorado Blvd. Jesse had an easel set up in the cafe section of the market. The (accidental) sepia tones in the photograph are not altogether unlike the colors in some of Jesse’s pastels. I think the back-lighting created the effect.

I first met Jesse years ago when he had an easel set up in a shopping mall. He was trying to work between periodic harrassments from mall-punks. Jesse has certainly paid his “dues,” and he has evolved into a fine artist.

One of his major works, a bronze sculpture of a female, Denver physician, can be seen at the end of the train-line in the Five Points area of Denver.

The following link has some information on Jesse, and one can view more of his work:

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