Corner Gas

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One of my favorite new (to this writer) TV shows is called: Corner Gas.
It is a charming small-town-comedy (ultra-hip) TV show from Canada that premiered: January 22, 2004.
“Airs Next: CTV at Thursday 8:00 PM (30 min.)” [sic,] excerpt is from TV.Com.

Corner Gas is about the lives of the people who live in Dog River and hang around the only gas station and restaurant in town. The cast of characters includes Brent LeRoy, the owner of Corner Gas and chronic comicbook reader; his assistant at the station, Wanda Dollard, who is just a little too well educated to be stuck where she is, but doesn’t seem to mind it; Hank Yarbo, Brent’s friend from…” read more…

“This is the first scene from Corner Gas, Episode 1, Season 1.’ ‘I just recently started watching.’ ‘It was a great start to the show,” so says, “sedawk” who “owns” the video.

The Cast:
Tara Spencer-Nairn – Karen Pelly, Fred Ewanuick – Hank Yarbo, Nancy Robertson – Wanda Dollard, Lorne Cardinal – Davis Quinton, Gabrielle Miller – Lacey Burrows, Janet Wright – Emma LeRoy, Brent Butt – Brent LeRoy, Eric Peterson – Oscar LeRoy
. > > > I think Gabrielle Miller – Lacey Burrows is very interesting. This link’s to Gabrielle Miller’s Official Website.
Gabrielle Miller’s Lacey Burrows runs the restaurant: The Ruby. She is the sophisticated, big-city girl whose urban-slick charms don’t always work in Dog River. They work here…

Read All About It on TV.Com, click this.
(The pages have comprehensive information about this show, including bios.)

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