Is Denver’s Kirk Montgomery headed for the Big Time

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Kirk Montgomery
Kirk Montgomery

This very affable entertainment news dude on Denver’s TV 9 evening News, in my opinion, will be the next entertainment “star” from Denver. He’s already touched the big-time with some TV & Movie stuff. I wanted to go on record saying that this cat is a sure bet. I’ve been meaning to write this for some time now…

I’ve never seen him act in a movie – so what? Just watching him on the tube unveils his extreme character. Don’t take this in the wrong way but this guy could be another Disney character unto himself. My opinion is that that is where he should be. Listening Disney? I know you are! He’s that good. He has the ability to change from a handsome Entertainment TV Guy into a character that is as cute as a bathtub, rubber-duck.

Here are his IMDb pages…

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