Earth Day – April 22, 2011

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From EarthDay.Org:
Earth Day 2011: A Billion Acts of GreenĀ®

“Earth Day is here! This year, Earth Day’s theme is themed after A Billion Acts of Green: our people-powered campaign to generate a billion acts of environmental service and advocacy before Rio +20. Check out the cool new Billion Acts of Green Facebook app on” read more…

Don’t mean to toot my own horn, but in the 60s I worked in the scrap/recycling business. In the 70s my gallery sold all handcrafted metalwork, some pieces created from recycled scrap metal, old square nails etc. In the mid-80s The LasVegasBuffetclub’s fleet RV sported a 12″ x 12″ solar panel that powered a small TV at night. It was wired to a motorcycle battery. Las Vegas was the perfect place for solar – Mega Sunshine.

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