Sex in the City – Denver Style

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Revised June 7, 2011 at 6:30 PM.


The author of this story is not a journalist, just a plain joe with an opinion.

The radio woke me up after I fell asleep listening to the all night coast to coast show. Morning talker Peter Boyles was yapping about the newest (part two of the latest ) Denver Sex Scandal. It’s reported that the current sex business includes a leading mayoral candidate, lawyers, a district attorney as well as so-called business/community leaders of the Denver area.

The following is compiled from hearsay and information from printed text, from a couple of sources. It’s a synopsis gleaned the past three days from the radio, the pages of Westword.Com and KHOW.Com.

Since the following is politically tainted it very well could be a political hit-job. In other words the story could be totally fabricated in order to affect the outcome of a mayoral election. Keep in mind that politicians generally don’t have a working ethical-compass like artists, carpenters, doctors/scientists, electricians, musicians and the like.

Several years ago Denver Judge Edward Nottingham was accused of involvement in a prostitution sting. He resigned his gavel amid accusations that a prostitute *”claims he asked her to lie to investigators and hide[sic] that he paid her for sex.” Seems that one of the call-girls from the same or similar prostitution ring dropped a dime on Denver Mayoral candidate Michael Hancock after recognizing him in the media. The exact date is unclear. The mayors race will be decided very soon – today June 7, 2011 at 7:00 PM Mountain Time. Hancock is expected to win. The leading opposition candidate – Chris Romer – is the son of former Colorado Governor, Roy Romer – whom after leaving Colorado went on to become superintendent of the Los Angeles Unified School District.

Printed records indicate that Hancock’s personal phone number and name turned up on a journal page along with information that he paid $275.00 for services, more than once. Hancock was a councilman at the time. These records can be accessed here

If Hancock wins this election and these allegations are proven, Denver is going to be in deep Kim Chi to use a well-worn phrase.

Let me say that this is not about trying to nail Hancock. He appears to be a good guy. In fact I would say that he appears to be a really good guy. Also I don’t have a problem with hookers per say. The real crimes here are the crimes of the better-than-thou lawmakers breaking the law. Doesn’t this sort of thing promulgate anarchy. Doesn’t it create anger and mistrust in the community.

I agree with the morning talkers that the double-standard is in overdrive here (my words.) When the legal bitches – and I don’t necessarily mean females – went after the Denver Johns (This was a prostitution sting that focused on poor working class “johns” that were hooking up with street hookers for a few bucks – their names and photos were routinely published on a television program called Johns TV.) nothing was covered up, nothing was glossed over. The Denver Johns were mostly poor, minority dudes. How come the main media is not publishing the names and photos of the so-called stellar community leaders? Huhh! C’mon Denver Post, radio and TV news stations, publish the damn names and photos. Let it fly… Whether or not Hancock is involved, shine a light on these hypocrites. I for one am not holding my breath. Keep in mind that these lawmakers jail and fine offenders for the same “crimes” that they are guilty of. “I’ll tell you mine if you tell me yours.”

This same double standard has been going on for years and years. The old-boy club’s rules have been in effect for years and years. How DEEP is the cover-up. Why don’t YOU find out – and demand that the names and photos be published.

*From Channel 9 News: “9Wants to Know has learned Chief Judge Edward Nottingham of Colorado is expected to resign Friday after learning of new allegations filed against him from a former prostitute who claims he asked her to lie to investigators and hide that he paid her for sex.”

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