Thai Basil – Asian Fusion Restaurant in Denver, Colorado

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Soup's On...

Thai basil is a cultivar group of basil. It has a more assertive taste than many other sweet basils. The herb has small leaves, purple stems and a subtle licorice or mint flavor” read more from Wikipedia

Thai Basil ( 5 locations in the Denver/Colorado Springs area) is a fresh “now” restaurant offering Thai-Asian-Fusion cuisine.

In a perfect balance of Yin & Yang ( 陰陽, ) Thai Basil balances the old and new. California-modern design mixes with old-burl table tops, old-country cabinets, an Asian bed-frame (used as a dining island) here or there and maybe modern fibreglas art on the wall. I probably just “fused” the decor of the two locations I’ve visited: The Thai Basil Hang Out Grill (3301 W 38th Ave.) and the Washington Park location (540 East Alameda Ave.) The East Alameda location has the bed-frame and fibreglas; the TB Hang Out Grill incorporates the burl wood tables.

I acquired a serious appreciation for Pad Thai in Southern California and Thai Basil serves a beautiful Pad Thai.

Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese menu items include: starters, salads, soups, meats, seafoods, vegetables, noodles, rice, deserts and more. Thai Curries, Vietnamese Rice Noodle Bowl, Szechuan Asian Eggplant, Crispy Duck and Fried Rice are just a few facets of the fusion. Some of my other favorites – besides Pad Thai ($7.95) are: Coconut Soup, Satay Chicken, Thai Spring Roll and Kung Pao Chicken.

Thai Basil has a full Bar with a good selection of Asian and domestic beers. At the time of this post, The Thai Basil Hang Out Grill location is serving: (HANG ON TO YOUR HAT) $.25 cent domestic beers and $.50 cent imported beers. You have to order food & there is a limit. Call for more information…

Check the Thai Basil Website for menu by location; locations / addresses and other information..

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