The writing is on the wall: The Crawling Crab in Denver, Colorado

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The Crawling Crab
781 South Federal Boulevard
Denver, Colorado

The Crawling Crab

In the midst of Denver’s Little Asia on Federal Boulevard in Denver, Colorado there’s a Crawling Crab. Actually this small, hip, modern, Cajun-seafood restaurant beckons customers with a bright-red Dungeness Crab on the sign. Funny how one can judge this restaurant by it’s cover (facade.) It’s a good facade.

Wooden dock-pilings, heavy ropes, even a Captain’s Wheel and a shark gives one a not-so-subtle hint that this is a restaurant where one may find seafood. Blue Crab, Dungeness Crab, Snow Crab, King Crab Legs, Lobster, Crawfish (in season – call,) Shrimp, Clam and Oysters are on the menu – served with a choice of four different seasonings, such as RAJUN CAJUN, in varying degrees of heat (mild, medium & hot.) Market Price is the going rate for most of the above. The shrimp runs around $8.99 for a full pound, and they are huge.

Also Fried Wings, Chicken Tenders, Pop Pop Chicken, Baskets W/Cajun Fries: Catfish or Shrimp or Calamari or Oysters,
then there’s Gumbo, soups and salads, and beer – the only adult beverage at the present time.

Back to the shrimp, which I shall do (in actuality) A.S.A.P. – the pound of huge: heads, tails and shell-on boiled shrimp is served in a plastic bag (double-bagged) swimming in sauce, which, in my case, was The Crawling Crab’s All-In sauce which consists of, as the name implies, a measure of each of the three sauces, or… Let me say that this was the best – quality and value – shrimp dish (even without the dish) I think I’ve ever had. The shrimp were large, fresh and firm, the sauce was delicately seasoned, yet fully flavored, the portion was HUGE. I’m thinking at least a dozen large shrimp for $8.99. Bet this price won’t last. I was very happy with my dinner. View the complete menu on the Crawling Crab’s Official Website.

If you want metal flatware, you may have to bring your own. I didn’t see any, nor did I see any glassware. The good news is that there’s a roll of paper-towels – à la Hooter’s – and you will need it. You’ll leave the table several times to wash your hands and face at the convenient wash-station on the south wall (rear-right in the photo).

Perhaps one of the most appealing things about this neat, little restaurant (besides the food) are the bright, intelligent, smiling faces of the largely Asian clientele, happily working on their meals – wearing the Crawling Crab’s plastic bibs.

The owner, Anh Nguyen and staff are also Asian.

The Crawling Crab's interior
The Crawling Crab's interior - Lori Midson

Parking in front, booths and tables, several large screen TVs and friendly staff help make this restaurant a success.

“The writing is on the wall” simply means that customers are encouraged to mark the walls and the butcher-paper on the tables with a black marker. One can see this garish, gastronomic, graffiti in the photo.

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