Hanson’s Grill & Tavern in Denver, Colorado

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Soup's On...
Hanson’s Grill and Tavern could easily be overlooked in the quiet, older neighborhood where it’s located. Don’t let it’s mild appearance fool you. It’s a good restaurant. Several dinning rooms, a patio, and a bar offer good seating choices. Very comfortable, cozy booths in the room just south of the bar offer a secure escape.
Who am I kidd’n, it’s all about the burgers. Here’s the thing: on Mondays and Tuesdays they promote something called Burger Madness: $4.00 basic burgers w/lettuce, onion, tomato and pickle. The hunk of well-seasoned beef is huge. It must be 1/2 to 3/4 lbs. of meat. I’m just guessing, but it is one of the largest patties I’ve seen, good taste, good quality. The regular (Wednesday through Sunday) price is about $7.00.
On Burger Madness nights you can choose from a number of extras for just a buck or two: cheeses, toppings, sides etc. This is, for sure, one of the best deals in town.
Back to business. The eveyday menu is extensive with everthing from Steak dinners, and Prime Rib to pastas, salads, sandwiches, soups, chile and more…
Long happy hours and an upstairs game room add to the attraction..

Hanson’s Grill & Tavern
1301 S Pearl St
Denver, CO 80210
(303) 744-0210

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