A man is attempting to sue a Las Vegas casino after losing $1.3 million.

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This is a repost from KFI Radio, Los Angeles.

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Thursday, September 29, 2011
Gambler sues casino over gambling loss
A man is trying to sue a Las Vegas casino to recoup his $1.3 million in losses.

(UPI) — A gambler allegedly down $1.3 million to a Las Vegas casino is suing the casino, Wynn Las Vegas, for allowing him to lose more than $250,000, court paper say.

Konstantin Zoggolis from Germany is suing under the premise that he had a prior agreement with Wynn Las Vegas to limit his credit to a quarter of a million dollars, the Las Vegas Sun reported Thursday.

The lawsuit claims Wynn Las Vegas, which would not comment on the case, has asked the Justice Department to pursue the matter on grounds of Zoggolis passing bad checks.

The lawsuit also said, “If criminal proceedings are commenced against plaintiff at the direction of defendant in an effort to collect invalid debts, plaintiff will suffer irreparable harm before a decision on the merits can be rendered.”

Zoggolis is seeking an injunction to block the casino from pursuing the matter in the courts.

The suit says Zoggolis made arrangements with the casino in 2008 to limit his credit read more…

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