Maggie’s Closest Route to Black Hawk/Central City, Colorado …

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“Since this post was first published, it has been revised, slashed, cut and reworked. Please read the revisions carefully before using the information to drive to the casinos.”

I was either lucky enough or unlucky enough to have casino comps from: The Riviera, Black Hawk, The Ameristar Casino and The Fortune Valley Casino, so it was definately worth making a trip up to the mountains.
Having access to a GPS unit, I decided to do a best-route test. Which route to Black Hawk/Central City, Colorado would Maggie (that’s what I call the GPS because the GPS’ voice sounds like a Maggie, also because it’s a Magellan GPS ) take if I asked [her] to plan the shortest route. You can program the GPS to plan a route using the criteria of: the shortest, fastest, most use of freeways and least use of freeways. At the intersection of West 8th Avenue & Speer Blvd. I set the GPS to map the shortest route to Central City. I entered the target address as 100 Main Street – Central City, Colorado.

[Fully expecting the GPS to tell me to take: West 6th Ave. to I-70 West to Central City Parkway, then on to Central City/Black Hawk, since everything I’ve heard told me that the new route is the fastest. [*I was indeed wrong, I guess.] I have to get more input from more sources before I can totally confirm this.]

Here’s what actually happened: Leaving West 8th & Spear the GPS directed me to proceed to West 6th Avenue and continue on West 6th. Approx. 26 mi. later Maggie “told” me to take Colorado 119 and proceed on 119 to Black Hawk. This is the old route – totally bypassing the new Central City Parkway. [*I was indeed surprised, however as I said, I have to do a bit more research.]

*This information is not wrong as the GPS was programed to find the SHORTEST route. 7-23-08

UPDATE JULY 23, 2008 – Here’s the scoop: The West 6th Avenue, to I-70, to Central City Parkway to Central City and Black Hawk is the FASTEST route from downtown Denver, according to a Magellan GPS. It’s about 40 miles (45 minutes.)
The West 6th Avenue, to US 6, to Colorado 119 to Black Hawk and Central City seems to be the SHORTEST route – in DISTANCE: about 35 miles, but a bit longer in TIME, about 60 minutes. (This information, of course, depends on your departure point. Basically the drive (approx. 35-45 miles) takes about 45-60 minutes.)

During inclement weather, I-70 West to Central City Parkway will still be your best bet.

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