JJ Chinese Seafood Restaurant in Denver, Colorado

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Soup's On...

2500 W. Alameda Ave.
Denver, Colorado 80219

The first thing one sees, besides the door, when entering this modest restaurant is a wall of live fish. Live EEL, Crab, Shrimp, Lobster, Talapia, and more are on display in the tank. The tank is as clean and pristine as a home aquarium. These fish/crustaceans are also on the menu. The menu(s) that mention “Cantonese” consist of about a half-dozen pages of Chicken, Seafood, Pork, Beef, Hot Pot, Vegetable/To-Fu, [sic] Fried Rice, Porridge, Noodles/Lo Mein, Noodles with Soup, and of course Appetizers, *Beer, *Wine and Desserts. The basic meats /fish/vegetables include variations of Hot & Spicy, Szechuan, Sweet & Sour, Black Bean Sauce, Garlic Sauce, Brown Sauce, and Orange Sauce dishes, just to name a few.

Here are a few items from JJ’s menu: Crab Meat & Bamboo Fungus with Shark’s Fin Soup ($10.95 – for one,) Pig’s Blood & Intestine with Salted Vegetable Hot Pot ($8.95,) Kung Pao Shrimp ($9.95,) Sea Cucumber with Slice Abalone [sic] ($35.95,) Whole Dungeness Crab with Spaghetti in Cheese Sauce (around $16.00.) This whole crab is “drawn and quartered” and served – in shell – over a bed of spaghetti dressed with a melted cheese sauce.

JJ Chinese Seafood Restaurant is not terribly fancy, it’s rather plain. It is, however, very clean and tidy. It’s a family restaurant in an older neighborhood. None of that (except for the clean and tidy) really matters here, it’s all about the fresh, authentic, well-served food.

*The Beer & Wine choices are limited.

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