Rejected Jobseeker Sends Letter To Padres: ‘Suck My D**k’

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Woman rejected over 30 times from job fires back with counter-offer: ‘suck my d—’
Taylor Grey Meyer’s missive to the Padres went viral, and now she is fielding offers — but not from the Padres, who turned her down repeatedly and then sent her an invite to a job fair costing $495.

By Meena Hart Duerson / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS

Taylor Grey Meyer
Taylor Grey Meyer

Taylor Grey Meyer had had enough, and she wasn’t going to take it anymore.

The 31-year-old Southern California resident with a master’s degree in sports management had been trying to get a job – any job – since December when she got a letter from a prospective employer that made her snap.

After being rejected by the San Diego Padres baseball team over 30 times for a variety of jobs in every area from sales to selling tickets, Meyer received an email from the team inviting her to pay $495 to attend a “Combine,” or glorified hiring fair, where they told her she would meet employers and have a chance at one of 50 jobs they were looking to fill.

“I’d just had it,” Meyer told the Daily News. “I felt like, in this market especially, that employers – the Padres – were preying on job seekers who were desperate for jobs.”

She quickly fired off a harsh response, full of the pent-up aggression that had been building up during her unemployment.
“After careful review, I must decline,” she wrote back to the Padres’ email. “I realize I may be burning a bridge here, but in the spirit of reciprocity, I would like to extend you a counter-offer to suck my d—.”

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