Torres Mexican Restaurant in Denver, Colorado

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Originally Published on: Nov 7, 2013

Torres Mexican Restaurant
Torres Mexican Restaurant

Torres Mexican Restaurant
1597 So. Federal Blvd.
Denver, CO 80219
PH: 303-934-8857

“Real knowledge is to know the extent of one’s ignorance.”

I know the extent of my ignorance. My knowledge of the rules of English grammar is not 100%, and I know that for a fact. Sure, it doesn’t matter for the 99% who either don’t know any better or just don’t give a damn! But the grammar meanies know all the rules and, by gosh, they’ll call you on it. So I’ll write away, blissfully unaware of my grammatical errors, hoping the reader will be able to understand what I’m trying to say. The grammar patrol can go end themselves with a preposition.

Anyway, having said that, let’s get down to business.

And the business is Torres Mexican Restaurant on the ¹Federal Strip in Denver, Colorado.

One of (3)Torres' Dining Rooms
One of (3) Torres' Dining Rooms

From the high-quality, rich-wood dining chairs and cozy booths to the modern, newly remodeled bathrooms—to the respectful and polite servers in their smart, black & white uniforms, this place is all class. And I haven’t said a word about the fishbowl (size) margaritas or the cool bar area with a few booths and tables for dining (my favorite area.)

Traditional Mexican food served unpretentiously, yet respectfully, in a family-friendly, homey restaurant is what Torres is all about. The energy is high; the restaurant is spotless; the owners and staff aim to please, and they do.

The food is classic Mexican: Botanas (appetizers) including NACHOS ($6.75 – $10.05,) CHICKEN WINGS, FRIES, CALAMARI and more; ²FAJITAS: (steak & chicken $13.95,) (de camaron $16.90;) CARNITAS ($12.95,) TAQUITOS (3-pork $8.50,) TACOS (1 chicken or beef $2.10;) and FLAUTAS, BURRITOS, ENCHILADAS, TOSTADAS etc. View Torres’ menu here for all items and prices.

The high-quality chairs somehow remind me of a bull—standing its ground, perhaps due to the sturdiness of the strong, rich wood, and (one can’t really tell from the photo) the fact that the chair-legs and backs are poised like a strong bull.

One of (3) Torres dining rooms
One of (3) Torres dining rooms

Also on the menu you’ll find: Desayunos (BREAKFAST items ($2.60 – $9.75;) COMBINATIONS ($7.85-$10.60;) STEAK (here’s one of four on the menu:) Mexican T-bone served with potatoes, rice, beans and salad ($17.50;) SALADS; SEAFOOD: for example – BANQUET MARINARO with shrimp, oysters, fish, ceviche and more ($29.15,) or 7 MARES: combo seafood soup w/2 tortillas ($18.95;) SANDWICHES, TORTAS, BURGERS, VEGETARIAN items and DESSERTS are available, such as FLAN ($4.05.)

One of our favorite menu items is the Combination Burrito, smothered with: lettuce, cheese, guacamole, sour cream, shredded beef, ground beef, chicken, chicharones and beans ($6.95.)

Torres' Bar
Torres' Bar

The little bar is the center attraction serving everything from giant Margaritas ($8) to regular size Margs and pitchers, wines from ($4.00,) and all of the full bar choices, including Courvoisier and Tres Generations. Note the large mounted fish above the bar.

Torres' Jumbo Margarita
Torres' Jumbo Margarita

On those fair-weather days one can enjoy the patio under an umbrella.

Torres' Patio
Torres' Patio

Torres Mexican Restaurant Official Website with menus
¹A two-way commercial strip with many Hispanic and Asian businesses, from about W Evans Avenue to around 38th Avenue on Federal Blvd.
²My understanding is that Fajitas are a USA/Texas contribution to Mexican cuisine.
From FoodTimeline.Org
“Our research confirms 1971 as first print date for “fajitas,” as we know them today.”


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