The Full Strawberry Moon: June 13, 2014 + Tonight’s Super Moon won’t happen for another 35 years

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Full Moon
Full Moon

Almanac.Com’s Full Moon video for June, 2014
Featuring Amy Nieskens

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6:13 A.M.

Tonight’s Super Moon won’t happen for another 35 years
By Mark Torregrossa | For

Tonight we will have a full moon. But it’s not just any full moon. The full moon has two special characteristics. It’s technically happening just after midnight – on Friday the 13th. The full moon is also what astronomers call a “Super Moon.”

The full moon on Friday the 13th is a rarity. According to David DeBruyn, emeritus director for the Chaffee Planetarium in Grand Rapids, a full moon on Friday the 13th hasn’t happened since October 2000. He also says the next full moon on Friday the 13th won’t occur until August 2049.

Not only is the full moon on a superstitious date, it is also called a “Super Moon.” A Super Moon occurs at the time in the moon’s orbit around the earth when the moon is closest to Earth.

So not only will the moon be full, it will also look slightly larger. But DeBruyn says the neat thing about this full moon at this time of year is the moon stays low on horizon. The moon low on the horizon, with trees and land as a reference, actually makes the moon look bigger. DeBruyn advises that the moon is the same size low on the horizon and high in the sky. It just looks bigger near the horizon read more…