‘Luxury resort bargain shopping” – Los Angeles Times Blog Story

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Las Vegas Strip
Las Vegas Strip, Northbound-LA Times photo

I was browsing the LA Times Blog and found an interesting story. The post is filed under “The Movable Buffet: Dispatches from Las Vegas by Richard Abowitz”

Basically the article addresses bargain hunting for Las Vegas Resort Hotels in the valley-economy of 2009 Las Vegas.

“I have never suggested on this blog the best resorts to stay in Vegas. It seems self-evident that it really is about dollars. Obviously, a family with children may enjoy Circus Circus more than someone else who might find the older property only a great place to gag on the smell of stale cigarettes. But the Strip is meant to be explored; you can stay at Bellagio and still head to Circus Circus with the kids for a brief visit.”

“The problem is really money. How much do you want to spend for a hotel room you may not spend much time at during your vacation? And, as many travel writers have pointed out, warehousing yourself on the Strip has never been cheaper. If you want to fork out around $35, you can probably find a room at, say, Imperial Palace on a weeknight. But the plunge in room rates so dramatically over the last six months has meant that, for the first time, even the most luxurious hotels in Vegas can be rented at unbelievably low rates. So, I have a new hobby. I love luxury resort bargain shopping for staycations. You will get more out of this practice than I do, because the offers and specials really are geared to bringing tourists here. Also, the discount potential increases the more nights you stay at a resort, and I am going places only for a single night” read more from the LA Times…

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