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Denver Restaurant Visits: Annie’s Cafe, Big Papa’s BBQ, Pasquini’s Pizzeria, Pasta Jay’s, Paulie and Deanna, The Red Coral and Torres Mexican Food

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Soup's on...

First Visits:
Big Papa’s BBQ
6265 E. Evans Ave.
Denver, Colorado
80222 (303-300-4499)
Big Papa’s official website“…
“Love at first bite” It was the sauce that got me, so to speak. It was Maureen’s Memphis Sauce to be precise (there are four sauces to choose from: Suzy’s Carolina Sauce, Maureen’s Memphis Sauce, Heidi’s KC Sauce and Maggie’s Deep South Sauce.) We ordered St. Louis Style Ribs (9 bones of smoked St. Louis Style Ribs) with Cole Slaw & BBQ Beans ($15.29.) I actually had a trancendant-type expierience after a few bites. It could have been the ribs with the Memphis sauce or it could have been the BBQ beans which are equally outstanding ( huge chunks of meat swimming with the beans in an unforgettable sauce…Other entrees include: Baby Back Ribs, Beef Back Ribs, Bison Ribs, Sliced Beef Brisket, Pulled Pork and more…Beer and Wine are available…Big Papa’s caters…The dining room is rather plain, not unlike a fast food place…That won’t keep me away, maybe I’ll just do take-out…Big Papa’s has a second location; click the website link for the address, the complete menu, catering and other information…

Paulie & Deanna Italian Restaurant 4
2099 Wadsworth Lakewood, CO
If one tries to find Paulie and Deanna’s on the web, one would think that there is no such place, however, the other evening I enjoyed one of the best Southern-Italian-red sauces that I’ve had in a while, so I know the restaurant exsists…It’s a small restaurant in a strip-mall on North Wadsworth Blvd. I had the sauce with a side of Homemade spaghetti noodles – big, thick spaghetti noodles with two meatballs, salad and bread…The pasta dish was preceded by the dinner salad with the house-dressing. The salad was fresh and chilled; the dressing was above par. The entree portion was huge, especially for the price: the complete dinner was around $8.00…The spaghetti dinner with regular noodles is a buck less. House wine is $4.00, other wines start at $5.00…Wine in carafes are available. Most basic Southern- Italian dishes are on the menu as well as sandwiches, pizza and more…Information for this restaurant is so elusive, I don’t have web-links for menu & other general information. Alas, I did not get a take-out menu nor even a matchbook…I guess I’ll have to return for the sauce – or the “gravy” as Paulie calls it, in his best Martin Scorsese flick voice…

Torres Mexican Food Restaurant in Denver
1597 S. Federal Blvd.
Denver, Colorado 80219 (303-934-8857)
Torres Mexican Food is an authentic Mexican cantina that serves the basic southwestern dishes: burritos, chile rellenos, enchiladas, tacos etc. as well as seafood dinner fare such as: Shrimp/Oyster cocktails, Shrimp Rancheros, Shrimp fajitas, Fresh oysters, Seafood soup, “Filete” Ranchero, Stripped bass, Tilapia…On my first visit, I had the Green Chile Plate ($6.95) which consisted of a large plate of green chile with big chunks of meat, rising like mountains in the Sea of Cortez, rice & beans and 2 large tortillas…The “regular” Margarita is small, however it is only about $3.75, so… The next step-up is $9.00 – that one is huge. Maybe there should be a mid-size Marg for about $5.00. Other brew prices are very reasonable. The restaurant is decorated like an Mexican coastal restaurant. The booths seem to be a notch higher in quality, so are the (table) chairs which are proudly emblazoned with the Torres name…Speaking of booths, take a booth in the lounge area; the lounge has a bunch of energy…This is a good discovery. Unless something happens to change my mind, this will be one of my favorite Mexican restaurants in Denver. This is a restaurant where one feels comfortable, accepted and welcome; there is no hoity-toity arrogance. There is a second location (in a Strip Mall) at 2049 Wadsworth Blvd…

Previously reviewed restaurants:

Annie’s Cafe
4012 East 8th Ave. (Off 8th & Colorado Blvd.)
Denver, Colorado
Annie’s Cafe, since 1979, has offered comfort food and hospitality to the local Denver community.” Annie’s has been serving Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner all-the-while, however breakfast is the key word here: One of only a hand-full of really good breakfast cafes in Denver, Annie’s does it all and Annie’s does it right…From two egg breakfasts with meat, grilled potatoes and toast ($6.75) or French Toast ($5.50) to Huevos Rancheros ($7.25) as well as omelettes, bagels, pancakes, muffins and more, it’s all there…Click Annie’s website link for the complete menuAnnie’s leaves a jar of Peanut Butter on every table. As soon as you sit down, before you order, you can remove a dollop of PB with your knife and spread it on your spoon. If you can’t wait, you don’t half to at Annie’s…Food quality and proportion size are above average. Beer and wine are available…Family friendly, Annie’s is loaded with old movie-posters, kid’s metal lunch boxes, toy bake-ovens etc…
Take me to The Las Vegas Buffet Club’s page for Annie’s Cafe General information & review…
Take me to Annie’s Official Website Annie’s complete menu & other information…

Pasquini’s Pizzeria – Denver Highlands (opened – summer 2007)
2400 West 32nd Avenue at Zuni St.
Denver, CO 80211
Pasquini’s is a long time favorite Denver restaurant…This location is new, but they have the same good food: NY Pizza, Pizzettas, Pastas, Calzones, Salads, Sandwiches, and more…This incarnation is another winner; the building is in an area that used to be Denver’s Little Italy, so it’s authentic…The restaurant is Yuppie heaven with a Vespa on the wall, three different seating areas, a full bar and lots of energy…Click the Las Vegas Buffet Club web link for the page on Pasquini’s or click the Pasquini’s Website link to go directly to their site…
Take me to The Las Vegas Buffet Club’s Website page for Pasquini’s……This link has general “review” information from the LVBC…
Take me to Pasquini’s Official Website……This is Pasquini’s Website with menu, locations & other information.
Pasquini’s on South Broadway took over the space next door and opened another room with a second bar, more tables and a patio…

Pasta Jay’s
1001 Pearl Street
Boulder, Colorado 80302
Basically a Southern Italian, red-and-white-checkered-tablecloth restaurant, Pasta Jay’s offers: pizza (thin crust-California style,) sandwiches, salads, appetizers, entrées (most of the traditional Italian entrees,) nightly specials and more. Bar drinks, beer and wine are served; wine is available by the glass, 1/2 carafe or carafe.
Click the Pasta Jay’s Website link for their menu.
Take me to Pasta Jay’s Official Website… Full menu, locations & more…
Take me to the Las Vegas Buffet Club’s page for Pasta Jay’s…Review & general information.

The Red Coral
1591 S. Colorado Blvd.
Denver, CO 80222 (in the Boulevard Center 2)
Phone: 303-758-7610 or 303-758-0098
Fax Orders: 303-758-0105
The Red Coral is a Strip-mall restaurant that primarily serves Mandarin & Chinese food…On the last visit we had Sesame Eggplant ( 茄子– around $8.95.)…This is a small neighborhood restaurant with consistantly good food and wine at fair prices…The house wines are $3.75…Red Coral offers Carafes & 1/2 Carafes…For an appetizer, try the Vietnamese Summer Rolls (Steamed shrimp, rice noodles, cucumber, bean sprouts, lettuce, cilantro and mint leaves wrapped in rice paper, served with a spicy Asian peanut sauce) $5.95.
Take me to The Las Vegas Buffet Club’s page for The Red Coral

Cherry Creek Art Fest

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The Cherry Creek Art Festival comes to an end...c.2007- LasVegasBuffetClub…
(Photo) The Cherry Creek Art Festival winds down Sunday evening…Take me to the Cherry Creek Art Festival’s Website
Saturday afternoon – I’m writing from the Denver Public Library in Cherry Creek, as in Cherry Creek Art Fest…We just got here; I thought that it would be a hoot to send a quick blast from the source…Don’t have much to report yet…I’ll write in more detail as I see the work…My plan was to have a look around and then return tomorrow with the camera…One quick review: Two years ago I wrote about a young guy who was working as a Starbucks‘ barista in Denver – oh yeh – he also sings and plays a very decent guitar…KENNY LEE YOUNG today was playing at the CCAF…He is on his way…Check out Kenny’s music July 10 at Loews Denver Hotel 5-7 PMKENNY’S MY SPACE PAGE…Got to split for now; we have lots of art to peruse…Sunday afternoon – Wow…they got rained on again – Saturday & Sunday – not before I saw Larry Preston’s paintings (my last years pick) again…We saw lots of fine art. This happens to be my fav…Take me to a page where I can get more information for Larry Preston
A Painting by Larry Preston
Photos – Larry Preston, above; Brian Blackham, below left; Alla Tsank, below right.
Brian Blackham's artPainting by TSANK, ALLA
Paintings by Brian Blackham and Alla Tsank also “caught my eye.”
Take me to a page where I can get more information on Brian Blackham
Take me to a page where I can get more information about Alla Tsank

Take me to The Las Vegas Buffet Club’s home page…

Fortune Valley Casino Buffet in Central City, CO; The Riviera Black Hawk; El Rancho Restaurant in Genesee, CO

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Central City, CO roadsign……….CENTRAL CITY, COLORADO……….Central City, CO

One person in our party wanted to drive up to the mountains and place a bet on the Preakness. Little did we know that the Colorado-mountain-gaming-towns of Central City and Black Hawk do not have Sports Books…If they did, the maximum bet would be $5.00. Anyway we had a nice drive up I-70 and finished with a “comped” buffet at
The Fortune Valley Hotel-Casino’s FLAVOURS BUFFET…Click link for buffet information…
The buffet was average by Las Vegas standards – Las Vegas standards are fairly high these days…The room is a long, clean and bright rectangle, which could use a few more booths; the buffet choices were minimal, but presented and prepared well, and for the most part tasty; the King Crab Legs and Peel & Eat Shrimp were absolutely (seawater) fresh…The staff were smalltown friendly…Fortune Valley has Hot Hot Super Jackpot Slots…These WMS slots have a “bit-of-a-feel” of an amusement park ride…
We also checked in at Black Hawk’s Riviera
Link to the Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada

El Rancho Restaurant in Genesee, Colorado
On the return trip we passed one of my favorite mountain-get-away restaurants: EL RANCHO in Genesee, Colorado…
Click this link to see YouTube movie clips of the Genesee Bison Herd – which grazes just down the road a piece from El Rancho

Take me to the Las Vegas Buffet Club’s page for Colorado Casino’s…