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Pathologically Political Paul McCartney Picked the Wrong Pony to Run with at Grammys.

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8:49 PM Update (below)

McCartney & West
McCartney & West

Paul McCartney needs to call out jackass, Kanye West and insist that he apologize to Beck, the Grammys and to the general public… Then West should be banned from all awards shows for 5-years.

One reader says:
“Really and it’s not racial? Taylor Swift and Beck are white bread and mayonnaise. Also, It’s doubtful that Kanye West would show that level of disrespect to someone like Springsteen or Tom Petty.” He seems to pick on those who are slight of build.


More thoughts on the Grammys:

AC/DCs Highway to Hell was extremely strong, power, power, power… I’m still not sure how one gets a “Season ticket on a one way ride.” Oh well it doesn’t matter I’m giving them a pass.
LL Cool J hosted the awards show more like he was calling a wrestling match or hosting a cheap rock & roll show in the 70s. “MAKE SOME NOISE” “I CAN’T HEAR YA'” Very little class…
Madonna – Less is more
Annie Lennox – Killed it! Very appealing…
TONY BENNETT AND LADY GAGA – added old-time class…
Pharrell Williams – Can’t help but being Happy! Seems like a nice guy but what’s with the “Call For Philip Morris” outfit?…

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