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Potheads and Fish Heads in Boulder

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Badfish Fish Graphic - Favim.Com
Badfish Fish Graphic - Favim.Com

University of Colorado’s annual 4/20 Smoke Out may go up in a cloud of something resembling smoked-fish and marijuana or fish-smelling smoke, if it goes up at all. That is to say that the traditional on campus pot party/smoke-out may be extinguished by campus-officials applying fish-fertilizer on the school’s “Quad” in an attempt to quell the gathering. Last years’ smoke-out attracted around 10,000 according to CBS Denver.

The CU campus will be closed to all, except card-carrying students and faculty. Those who are out of the loop will be subject to arrest and a $750.00 fine. “Norlin Quad lawn areas will be closed to all people.” “Anyone, regardless of campus affiliation, who enters these areas will face a ticket for trespassing.”

Given the nature of potheads and students, might this be an open invitation to gather? Tomorrow April 20 we’ll know the answer to that question. Are beer sales in Boulder dipping with the advancing sale of Marijuana in this West-Coastish college town just fifteen minutes from the Coors Brewery? Half of this town is run by alumni who champion the football program and beer. And they are a powerful force with whom to reckon.

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Smoked Fish and Sassafras might be a good name for an album, at least it would have been in the 60s, in Boulder. Remember the Astronauts?

Spotlight on Pasta Jay’s / Third Location Opens In Lone Tree, Colorado.

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Soup's On...
Soup's On...

Pasta Jay’s
1001 Pearl St
Boulder, CO 80302
(303) 444-5800

Pasta Jay’s Italian restaurant on the Pearl Street Mall in Boulder, Colorado literally shines with energy. If they doused all the lights, the place would still be as bright as a 300 watt bulb. It must be culled energy from all those bright CU students, faculty members and other assorted Boulder residents.
Pasta Jay’s Boulder is a World-Class People-Waching-Meeting-Place.

Besides all the energy, Pasta Jay’s has red and white checkered tablecloths, floor to ceiling windows that open on to the Pearl Street Mall (weather permitting,) patio/indoor/(lively) bar dining and a vortex-opening to the Boulder Vibe. Pasta Jay’s serves excellent Italian entrees’ / nightly specials, sandwiches, pizza and more.

For example, we savored the Sunday Night Special:
“Plati’s Steak Bracciole (a classic Sunday Italian dish) 14.50
ribeye steak stuffed with fresh garlic, sweet basil, imported romano cheese and portabello mushrooms, seared in olive oil, simmered in marinara sauce, and served over a bed of linguini”
We also ordered the “Dinner Salad 3.99 (with gorgonzola cheese add 1.50”)
read more from the Boulder Menu…
Full bar, house wines ($5.50) and beer are available.

The pizza is (Sonny’s-California-style) different: very thin crust – Pizzas from $10.99 – $16.99.

A third Pasta Jay’s opened March 1 at Park Meadows/Lone Tree, Colorado.
Pasta Jay’s Lone Tree
9226 Park Meadows Dr
Lone Tree, CO 80124
Grand Opening event (March 1 – March 6) information…
View the Pasta Jay’s Lone Tree Menu…

There is a third Pasta Jay’s in Moab, Utah – click PJ’S main website link…

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