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So you think you can play guitar? Filomena Moretti performing: Albeniz – Asturias

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Don’t mean to up-stage the Guitar Center boys, however,

I was searching YouTube for Andres Segovia when I discovered this brilliant, passionate guitarist. She hails from Sardinia, Italy, is young and beautiful, and plays with an impeccable technique. I thought – with one exception being Charo – that one had to be an old-man like Segovia to play like this. I guess Segovia was once young also. Seems like I’ll always know him as that classy, suit-wearing old-man who was – if not still is – the greatest classical guitarist in the history of the world.

Young ladies (or young-men) like this experience a great euphoria. Their music will give them great comfort throughout their lives. Classical guitar performance is not unlike transcendental meditation. If you click the Segovia video you’ll see Andres Segovia (around 4:26) in position as a perfect Buddha. That is to say that he looks like a Buddha figure in meditation. What a lovely man he was.

WIKI Article about author Isaac Albeniz

Holy smoke… Do you like it hot?

Classical Guitar Review.Com

Claire Voyant’s post on Charo and Pamela Anderson – Dancing with the Stars

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This article was reposted from LVOL.com’s Claire Voyant

Charo and Pamela Anderson
Charo and Pamela Anderson

“Maybe Charo’s coaching of Pamela Anderson on Dancing With the Stars last week, was of help to the former Baywatch star, and The Beauty of Magic co-star with Hans Klok at Planet Hollywood. Ms. Anderson was much improved during Monday night’s competition, and survived to dance another dance next week. Stay tuned.”

CHARO performing on guitar at the Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas

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As I promised, here’s that video clip of Charo and her guitar at the Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas – August, 2009. The virtuoso performance took place in the Crazy Girls showroom. The clip is 46 seconds long.

María Rosario Pilar Martínez Molina Baeza is also known as Charo.

I felt priviliged to be able to witness this performance by one of the finest Flamenco guitarists in the world.
The great Andres Segovia gave Charo master-classes when she was in her teens. The classes certainly paid off, or so it would seem.

[ If the above video does not play smoothly, click here to watch it on the LVBC YouTube channel. ]

Link to the original post of Charo’s performance at the Riviera.

Charo’s Official Website
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Robin Leach: “Charo cancellation: Injured foot or poor ticket sales at the Riviera?”

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Charo performs at the Riviera in Las Vegas on July 15, 2009.
Charo performs at the Riviera in Las Vegas on July 15, 2009.
Photo: Leila Navidi
This post was culled from Robin Leach’s Las Vegas blog, September 11, 2009.

“Rumors abound that the real reason Charo suspended her show at the Riviera yesterday, citing a foot injury, is because of disappointing and sluggish box office ticket sales.”

“Producers were allegedly bleeding red ink due to falling tourism numbers and the barren, darkened stretch of the Strip between the Encore and Sahara.”

“Charo says the ankle injury sustained after a TV cable trip backstage at the Jerry Lewis Muscular Dystrophy Association Telethon this past weekend at the South Point made it impossible for the show to go on.”

“I’d have thought that because Charo is such a brilliant Flamenco guitarist and energetic singer, she could have sat on a stool with her foot bandaged up and won the sympathy vote!”

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CHARO: World’s première Flamenco guitar virtuoso

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Photo credit [copyright 2009-LasVegasBuffetClub]

Remember “The Cuchi Cuchi Girl” on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson (45+ appearances.)
María Rosario Pilar Martínez Molina Baeza is also known as Charo.

Charo’s August 5th performance at the Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas was executed in two parts. In the first half you saw the Charo you know: the comedian, the singer, and all-around show-woman. She was brilliant, funny and spectacular. She sparkled in a red-sequined outfit, singing tunes from her CD’s, such as: “I Will Survive,” and cracking jokes about accents as well as other aspects of the human condition.

Without a doubt, the most humorous moment came when she spoke of being so poor in her youth that she didn’t have enough to eat – then after achieving success she couldn’t eat because of diets and weight watching – after saying this, she repeatedly “mouthed” the F bomb.

Accompanied by a troup of Flamenco dancers and a high-power-group of musicians, the first half of the show was fast paced, hard-hitting and well rehearsed. The show’s lighting was an artful display of color and dream imagery. Now I’ll tell you about the positive stuff.

Photo credit [copyright 2009-LasVegasBuffetClub]

The second half of the show was about guitar – Flamenco guitar. Charo displayed the mastery that earned her ‘Guitar magazine”s Readers Poll as Best Flamenco Guitarist two years in a row. Her strokes were robust, true and firm; the *”shotgun-tremelo” was flawless. (My pretention here is due to studying a-bit-of classical guitar.)

Her fingers (both hands) were moving like she was a super-human being. The little-finger, of her left hand, was – relaxed – in the precise, classical position. This is something one can only achieve after years of practice.

The “show stopper” for me was a moving rendition of Ravel’s Bolaro, of which you can hear a few bars on Charo’s website.

According to IMDb, when she was 14, María Rosario Pilar Martínez Molina Baeza won a scholarship to study classical guitar with Andrés Segovia.

Brava Charo!

Keep tuned to this page, there will soon be a link to a video clip of Charo.
*So maybe I’m using a common term…

UPDATE September 26, 2009
Here’s the video clip:

Charo’s Official Website

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