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History Channel hits a basis-loaded Home Run: Counting Cars

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Danny The Count Koker
Danny "The Count" Koker

“Most people in Las Vegas bet with chips, but Danny “The Count” Koker bets with cars. Known from his numerous appearances on Pawn Stars, this Sin City legend walks, talks and breathes classic American muscle cars. When he sees a car he wants, he will do whatever it takes to get his hands on it—including making on-the-spot cash offers to unsuspecting owners. On the HISTORY series Counting Cars, Danny and his team restore, customize and sell cars in a hurry, scrambling to keep their Las Vegas shop in the black. From vintage Thunderbirds to classic Corvettes, toy cars to souped-up sidecar motorcycles, Danny and the crew of Count’s Kustoms will stop at nothing to find and flip the greatest rides of all time.” read more from the History Channel

The Count – A.K.A. “Count Cool Rider” as the head of the Koker & Family ownership group “purchased Channel 33, Inc. (first air date, 1989.) Under the Kokers, KFBT was an independent station with a firmly local flavor and soon garnered much acclaim with features such as the scary B-movie night Saturday Fright at the Movies, hosted by Count Cool Rider, which aired at 10 p.m. Count Cool Rider was actually Danny Koker, one of the station’s owners, who has since gone on to become a respected builder of custom motorcycles, as well as a regular expert on the History channel series Pawn Stars and host of its spinoff, Counting Cars.”

PAWN STAR’S bike-expert and way-cool, Danny Koker – AKA -The Count owns, operates and performs at COUNT’S VAMP’D – a Las Vegas rock ‘n’ roll club that was co-owned by Motley Crue frontman Vince Neil. “Count Vamp’d is the old Feelgoods in Vegas that was opened by investors with Vince Neil of Motley Crue being a minority investor and marketer. Once Neil got divorced he had to sell his stake in the business and the name had to change. Vamp’d is a dracula-themed rock club, bar/restaurant. Yes, it’s all those things. Unfortunately, I have not caught a show there yet so I cannot speak to the concert setup or sound. I do know they attract national to local acts, George Lynch probably the biggest name that hits there regularly, and local Vegas Iron Maiden tribute band ‘Aces High’ is also a regular. The bar itself is very cool, has lots of guitars behind glass, cool decor, and rock-star type memorabilia.” Access a previous LasVegasBuffetClub post on COUNT’S VAMP’D

…Not to mention, Count’s Kustoms

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