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Rachelle Spector, woman on a mission

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Originally published February 1, 2011
Even though I assembled this post, I think it might be questionable! BC

Rachelle Spector
Rachelle Spector

From Rachelle Spector’s website:
“A chance meeting that same year at the famed industry hangout Dan Tana’s would change her life forever. Introduced by a mutual friend, the 23-year-old small town girl and hopeful singer spent the next several hours in deep conversation with one of music’s most renowned producers. She had no idea who he was or that he would soon be indicted for a murder that dominated the headlines for the next few years.”

Dan Tanas Street View
Dan Tana's Street View

“We talked about religion, politics, he told jokes, stories about his past, growing up, normal getting-to-know-you questions,” Rachelle says of that first meeting. “But the most important thing was a comment he made: ‘Timing is everything.’ That has stuck with me till this day.”

“They spoke until six the next morning and Phil (Spector) was smitten, declaring his love for the pretty blond and asking for a kiss, which Rachelle politely declined. For her, love developed more slowly, and over the course of a more traditional courtship, the couple became inseparable. This of course set Hollywood tongues a-wagging that the much-younger Rachelle was nothing more than a gold-digger. A notion she understands, but dispels with a girlish giggle when asked about what she finds attractive in her husband.”

“I like the way he looks,” she says. “He’s boyish and cute, witty, smart and we are so much alike even though we are generations apart. We share common interests, a love of music, people, life, old films, a strong work ethic, even certain mannerisms.”

“The pair married three years later in September 2006 and started working on the CD that fall, though completion on the project was delayed several times during the first and second trials, where Rachelle stood determinedly by her husband’s side. The recording clearly served as an emotional outlet for the producer and a special time for the couple to enjoy the creative process together” read more from RachelleSpector.Com

This is a photo of the late Lana Clarkson. Phil Spector was convicted of fatally shooting Ms. Clarkson at his Alhambra, California mansion on February 3, 2003.

The late Lana Clarkson
The late Lana Clarkson

The real irony here is that Spector met both Lana Clarkson and present wife, Rachelle Spector on nights he dined at Dan Tana’s. On the fatal evening of Lana Clarkson’s demise Spector had dinner at Dan Tana’s and then, later in the evening, went to Hollywood’s House of Blues where he met the beautiful blonde actress. Spector met the blonde Rachelle Spector for the first time at Dan Dana’s. I’m not not saying anything here other than it’s an ironic twist.

FindADeath.Com reports that on the night Spector met Lana Clarkson, he was at Dan Tana’s earlier that evening with another blonde woman. Was it Rachelle Spector?

These two gorgeous blondes are so similar in appearance they could have been twins. What a terrible American tragedy this is. These two ladies were poised for success, now one is gone and the other lost her husband – possibly for a long time. And her husband’s story is as tragic as Ms. Clarkson’s. Phil Spector is hands-down the premiere Rock and Roll music producer of all time, some might say (including yours truly) not just a producer but an artist in his own right read more…

This video “Here in My Heart” is from Rachelle Spector. The song was produced by Phil Spector.

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