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Full Moon December 10th, 2011

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First posted December 8th.

Full Moon
Full Moon

The Moon will be 100% full December 10th, 2011 at 06:36:24 am Las Vegas time.

From The Old Farmer’s Almanac
“Each month, we will explain the traditional names of the full Moon along with some fascinating Moon facts. In this video, learn about the Full Cold Moon, ancient rituals of the winter solstice, and lunar eclipses,” featuring Amy Nieskens from The Old Farmer’s Almanac. [In the video Ms. Nieskens mentions a Full Moon on December 21st – on the Winter Solstice. How can this be? – UPDATE December 9 – Ms. Nieskens sent mail explaining that the video was shot last year.]

From The Old Farmer’s Almanac
Historically, the Native Americans who lived in the area that is now the northern and eastern United States kept track of the seasons by giving distinctive names to the recurring full Moons. December’s moon is called The Full Cold Moon: This full Moon is also called the Long Nights Moon by some Native American tribes. This is the month when the winter cold fastens its grip and the nights become long and dark.

From Western Washington University
“American Indians gave names to each of the full moons to keep track of the passing year. The names are associated with the entire month until the next full moon occurs. Since a lunar month averages 29 days, the dates of the moons change from year to year. Here are titles most closely associated with calendar months.”

Two Native tribes are mentioned here – click the WWU link to access more information.

Zuni – Southwest, New Mexico
The Zuni name for December’s moon is “ik’ohbu yachunne” or “sun has traveled home to rest,” according to Western Washington University.

Zuni Jewelry
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Back East
Mohawk – Eastern Woodlands
The Mohawk name for December’s moon is “tsothohrha” or “time of cold” according to Western Washington University.

Past Top Model winner Wawa Standing. northcountrypublicradio.org
Past "Top Model" winner Wawa Standing. northcountrypublicradio.org

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