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What is Cool and Hot at the very same time?

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GB Fish and Chips
GB Fish and Chips

What is Cool and Hot at the very same time and just across the pond (the pond, in this instance, being Sloan’s Lake on Denver’s West End?) The GB Fish & Chips restaurant on Sheridan Blvd. might be the answer to Denver’s serious lack of ocean views. OK, so Sloan’s Lake ain’t an ocean, just a small park-lake in Edgewater (21st & Sheridan Blvd.) so…

On the night of the last full moon I was heading over to The Edgewater Inn (Howdy Paisano) for a Moscow Mule and saw the familiar GB Fish and Chips sign (I’ve been to the So. Broadway location several times) across the street from Sloan’s Lake. I made a mental note to return on another night, after taking in the view. A very full moon was rising over the city beyond the lake. The reflections of the downtown lights and skyline as well as the brilliant “Planting Moon” were shimmering in the water. Wow! No doubt one of the best summertime, night views the city of Denver has to offer.

The following night I returned, took a walk in the park, snapped a few photos then entered the restaurant. I basically knew what to expect. What I didn’t expect, after grabbing a beer and walking around to the side patio was the familiar feeling of being in a place I know – a restaurant on the beach in Hermosa Beach, CA. That’s a bit of an exaggeration, but it’s darn close. Denver is not exactly a beach town.

GB Fish and Chips
GB Fish and Chips

GB Fish & Chips is a English-style fish & chips restaurant with football (soccer) on the TVs, soccer jerseys on the walls, wooden picnic tables, booze, and for sure, Fish & Chips. Also on the menu, they offer: Bangers (Al La Carte, $5.95 – Meal, $8.45,) Shepherd’s Pie ($6.95 – $9.45,) Pork Pie ($4.15 – $6.65,) Pasties ($6.50 – $9.00,) Sides (Chips, Beans, Slaw, Potato Chips $1.50) and Soup (Clam Chowder $3.95 – $5.95.)

Back to the Swimmers, battered and deep fried: Cod, Tilapia, Prawns, Oysters, Squid, Scallops and Combinations: Half (Just Fish $5.50 to $7.65,) Half Meal ($8.00 to $10.15,) Full (Just Fish $9.95 to $14.25,) and Full (Meal $12.45 to $16.76.) View the complete menu on GB Fish and Chips Official Website

All meals include one side and a soft drink.

The meal I had on this particular night: Cod with baked beans and cole slaw was very tasty. The fish was light and golden. The sides were small, but adequate and the beer was cold. I’m not really a fish person but someone I know who is a fish person says it’s the best in town. ‘Nuff said!

The side patio (on the left in the photo) is a cozy little outdoor cave with wooden picnic tables and THE view. One can order stuff through a serving window without having to walk inside. Bartender, another beer please.

Not too many years ago the little grouping of businesses (in a several block area along Sheridan Blvd. where GB fish and Chips is located) was seedy at best. You can turn a sow’s ear into a silk purse. Maybe it’s not all that, but this area is blossoming like a rose bush in a back alley. Years ago there was an Italian restaurant on the block. The owner knew the value of that view, but the neighborhood finally brought him down. He gave up and moved on. I wonder if he’s seen the new block?

Speaking of Italian, in the context of this post, would you call GB Fish and Chips proprietor, Alex Stokeld “THE CODFATHER?”

Official Website of GB Fish & Chips including menus, locations, maps and more

Walk a half-block south to The Cooler

FYI – Yeah I know most people refer to the lake as “Sloan’s Lake,” so I did as well. I’ve read park signs and history articles that name the park pond “Sloan Lake,” but who’s count’n.

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