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El Noa Noa Mexican Restaurant Mexican Restaurant – – Father’s Day Father’s Day

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El Noa Noa Mexican Restaurant
El Noa Noa Mexican Restaurant

Weather permitting, this might be one of Denver’s best Father’s Day dinner-tickets.

El Noa Noa’s patio on Santa Fe Drive is one of the best places to dine Sunday evenings in Denver. Replete with a large fountain, trees and umbrellas for shade, *fine musicians on stage, cocktails, excellent Mexican food and even a few chirping birds playing and bathing on the fountain, one can’t go wrong visiting El Noa Noa this coming Father’s Day – June 19, 2011, or any other summer Sunday. If you are Dracula or one of his ilk and can’t stand the sun there’s also an indoor dining-room and a small bar.

Just like dining at an outdoor restaurant deep in Mexico, you’ll feel like you’re on vacation – South of the Border.

Have a couple of house Margs or beers and a plate of sizzling Fajitas ($14.50,) throw a finn at the Musicians and kick back for a night of relaxation. You too can feel just like Hemingway.

*Smooth Jazz, Mariachi or Peruvian Sounds – performed by serious musicians. Call ahead to find out which music-genre/group will be on stage.

Find out all about Father’s Day

El Noa Noa Denver
722 Santa Fe
Drive Denver, CO 80204

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El Noa Noa’s Official Website including full menu and Email link. Join the email list for food discounts and more.
LasVegasBuffetClub’s page for El Noa Noa

El Noa Noa Mexican Restaurant in Denver, Colorado

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El Noa Noa
El Noa Noa

EL NOA NOA Mexican Restaurant
722 Santa Fe Dr
Denver, CO 80204 (303) 623-9968

One of the best Mexican restaurants in Denver, Colorado, EL NOA NOA on Santa Fe Drive is an authentic Mexican restaurant in an Hispanic neighborhood that has been around forever. A commercial area of the ‘hood surrounding EL NOA NOA has recently been adopted by a multi-culture art crowd. It is fast becoming a major “ARTS DISTRICT.” O.K. if you’re from New York you have a different definition of the term “major.” So… The restaurant underwent a makeover in the past year, or so.

According to tradition there were 2 dogs, two cats, 2 elephants, 2 zebras, on and on and on and on the ark during the flood. It would make sense then that maybe there were also two Noa’s…Or is that too much of a stretch? Anyway I’ve decided that that is the origin of the name.

Actually it’s the name of a little book the artist, Paul Gauguin wrote about a season in Tahiti in 1891.
Maybe that’s where Noa Noa’s owner got it. This is one of Gauguin’s paintings from that time.

Day God
Day God - From sacred-texts.com

El Noa Noa might be my favorite Mexican Restaurant in Denver. Maybe it depends on the time of year. In the more favorable seasons, weather permitting – the patio is open (see photo,) the trees are in bloom, the fountain is running and on some Saturday nights there is live music. In a perfect storm, so to speak, and all things are happening as they should be happening – this may be it. I can’t imagine a much more pleasant ambiance.

We were there last Saturday night. The late sun was shinning, the band – a South American flute and guitar group were into their music – and we were into some excellent authentic Mexican food and beverage.

I mentioned to the affable Armando that since the patio really helps to make the restaurant they should think about enclosing the patio with glass or acrylic so this little piece of heaven can be enjoyed year-round.

This good look’n restaurant attracts some good look’n people – the people watching is superlative.
The Denver Civic Theatre at 721 Santa Fe Drive is just across the street..
Play’s such as last year’s THE VAGINA MONOLOGUES opened to good reviews/crowds.

The food is excellent:┬áTry the Chile Rellano Plate ($10.25) or the Fajitas ($14.50.) Everything is tasty and authentic…
Prices are moderate. The full bar is serving up your favorite margs. Happy Hour: Mon – Fri, 2-6, check website.

Better hurry though, it won’t be long before the Colorado nights are too chilly to have chile outdoors.

El Noa Noa’s Official Website with full menu and more
Visit the main pages of the LasVegasBuffetClub