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Join the Facebook group “DEMAND JUSTICE FOR BUDDY!”

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dated material – links forwarded by Greg Nauretz

Buddy Dragged to Death in Colorado
Buddy Dragged to Death in Colorado

On December 30, 2009 a German Shepherd called Buddy was dragged to death in Colorado. A Facebook group has responded – to “Demand Justice for Buddy.” Evidently a petition goal of 100,000 signatures has been met, however, you still might want to be a part of this.

“We the undersigned urge the court in Grand Junction, Colorado to give Steven Clay Romero, the man charged in the dragging death on December 30, 2009 of a German Shepherd named Buddy behind his truck for three miles the maximum penalty of three years in federal prison, $100,000 fine and one year probation for this horrific crime. Do not let this crime go unpunished for the horrible death of an innocent dog. Given Mr. Romero’s past criminal record, we feel he is a menace to society and this dragging death is only the beginning of what could lead to future unimaginable and tragic consequences.”

*** SIGN PETITION AND SHARE*** http://www.thepetitionsite.com/6/demand-justice-for-buddys-killer

Buddy’s Legacy…
To Honor Buddy “Tell ‘Em Buddy Sent You”

Update January 27, 2010
Two indicted in dog’s dragging death
“Two people were indicted late Monday by the federal grand jury in Denver for the death of a dog and subsequent cover-up. Buddy, a German shepherd mix, was dragged three miles up a steep, snowy road at the Colorado National Monument.”

“Steven Clay Romero, 37, of Grand Junction, did “knowingly torture, needlessly mutilate and needlessly kill” the dog, according to the indictment” read more from The Denver Post

“Romero will go before the Judge Thursday 1/27/10 at 3pm. He will be officially charged and held for trial. His sister was also arrested and is currently out on bond.”

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