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There will be a full Harvest Moon – September 20th – 4:54 PM Pacific time.

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Some information is from The Old Farmer’s Almanac

Scroll down for Neal Young’s Harvest Moon

September’s full Harvest Moon reaches its peak on Monday, September 20, 2021. Learn how the Harvest Moon got its name—plus, see Moon phase dates, Best Days by the Moon, folklore, and more!

Find Harvest Moon information from The Old Farmer’s Almanac

This year, look for September’s full Harvest Moon to rise in the southeast just after sunset on Monday, September 20—just two days before the fall equinox! This full Moon reaches peak illumination at 7:54 P.M. Eastern Time on the 20th.

The full Moon names used by The Old Farmer’s Almanac come from a number of places, including Native American, Colonial American, and European sources. Traditionally, each full Moon name was applied to the entire lunar month in which it occurred and through all of the Moon’s phases—not only the full Moon. The Harvest Moon, however, is a bit different! Click Almanac link above for more information.

Here’s Neil Young with Harvest Moon

The exact time of the Full Harvest Moon is: Monday; Sep 24 7:54 P.M. Pacific Time

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Harvest Moon
Harvest Moon


Often, the September full Moon is called the Harvest Moon instead of the Full Corn Moon. Unlike other full Moon names, which are specific to their respective months, the Harvest Moon is tied to an astronomical event: the autumnal equinox. The full Moon that falls nearest to the equinox (September 22) takes on the name “Harvest Moon,” rather than its traditional name. This means that a Harvest Moon may occur in either September or October.

The Harvest Moon provides the most light at the time when it’s needed most—to complete the harvest!

Other traditional September full Moon names include:

“Moon When the Plums Are Scarlet” by the Lakota Sioux Native Americans.
“Moon When the Deer Paw the Earth” by the Omaha Native Americans.
“Moon When the Calves Grow Hair” by the Sioux Native Americans

Learn more about Full Moon names and their traditional meanings.

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