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Upcoming anniversary of Columbine school massacre brings new speculation/information/cover-up? to the table

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Drawing by Columbine shooter Eric Harris
Drawing by Columbine shooter Eric Harris

Story by William Carbone

With the anniversary of the Columbine school-shootings coming up on April 20, Columbine is in the news again. This morning, Denver’s (KHOW Radio 630) Peter Boyles’ was talking about the Columbine shooters as he’s been doing for the past several days. Talking specifically about the possibility that – a year before the shootings at Columbine – Harris & Klebold were “mishandled” by police at the time of their well-publicized arrest “from the night of January 30, 1998 when Eric and Dylan were arrested for breaking into a van and stealing items contained their[sic] in.” The speculation is that possible “mishandling” by authorities triggered the Columbine Massacre. Abuse? Sexual abuse? These terms were mentioned several times during the interviews by guests and Boyles. Even the name of X-Arapahoe County Sherrif Patrick Sullivan’s – who last week received a slap-on-the-wrist sentence in a trading-meth-for-sex charge – name was brought up. See previous post (below.)

The drawing above by Eric Harris possibly depicts (according to some including the mother of one of Columbine’s survivors, Donna Taylor, mother of wounded Columbine survivor Mark Taylor) the aforementioned abuse by the police that night of January 30, 1998.

“In November of 2000, the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office released 11,000 pages of interviews and reports to the public. In the 11,000 pages are reports from the arresting officers of January 30, 1998. They can be found at pages 10560 through 10603. The entire 11,000 pages can be downloaded from the Boulder News here. Page 10589 is a drawing by Eric of the scene that night” (above.)

“The drawing depicts where the van was, where Eric and Dylan were and where a couple of other vehicles were parked that night. The circles above the cars are rocks that divide the parking area from a field. This happened along Dear Creek Canyon Road in Littleton. Above the rocks is a field of weeds with no distinguishing natural landmarks of any sort. However, as you can see, Eric drew something there.”

“Some have speculated what this picture represents. The following explains what they see. Look at the picture carefully, it maybe better to print this page so that you can see it better. Take a bottle of white out and remove the horizontal page lines. Next remove the three angled lines just above the center left of the drawing. Next remove the swirls of the drawing, leaving the right part of the drawing alone. If you did this right, what should be left is a drawing of person on all fours with another person standing behind them. Notice how the standing person has a star on his chest. Some people believe that the drawing is of a child being sexually assaulted by a police officer. Below are their arguments for their case.” read more from Columbine-Angels.Com/family_request

My take on the above is that perhaps the figure of “a child’ is more of a figure of a dog/animal with a tail. Maybe Harris was “saying” that he was treated like a dog by police. This seems more accurate to me, but it’s just speculation along with my ability to see.

Also on the program this morning was Columbine lawyer who reportedly deposed the parents of both Harris and Klebold, *John DeCamp. He claims that he can explain many things about Columbine. He seems to believe in the “mishandling” theory by authorities as well as the cover up by drug companies of the drug Luvox. Eric Harris was using Luvox at the time of the Colorado tragedy.

Well, stay tuned to Denver radio tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. Denver time. Boyles will be talking about this situation once again. Lawyer John Decamp will be there discussing his theories. He sounds a bit sketchy to me. I guess we’ll see.

*DeCamp was previously (2002) involved in a lawsuit “that claimed several video game distributors and moviemakers shared blame for the Columbine High School massacre.” That case was dismissed by U.S. District Judge Lewis Babcock.

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