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Balloon Boy’s father, Richard Heene’s theme song “The Psyience Detective”

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I heard this tune (Richard Heene’s theme song) on the radio and had to post it. It’s a simple old-school- rock-style song with a “Creedence-like” driving (simple/basic) lead guitar.

The following was copped from TMZs Youtube channel …

“Richard Heene was so committed to getting his own reality show, he even went so far as to come up with his theme music — because every wacky amateur scientist/handyman needs good theme music.”

“Heene worked with a guy named Smokey Miles (and Meson Music BMI) to compose theme songs in 2005 for two shows Heene cooked up — “The Psyience Detective” and “The Contractor.” And they are gems!”

“The first, which Richard played bass on, goes a little something like this:”

“When you want to learn the mysteries of how things work
Weather, the planets, the whole universe.
Tune into the show, that’s really effective
Watch Richard Heene — Science Detective!”

The second tune is sort of a country-style talking ramble – not as interesting.

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