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Royal Wedding – Las Vegas Style: King Steve and His Gorgeous Brit Bride

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King Steve and British sweetheart Andrea Hissom
King Steve and British Sweetheart Andrea Hissom. Best Man, Clint Eastwood in background - photo Daily Mail

The following is a repost from Gaming Today

May 03, 2011 6:09 AM by Phil Hevener

“Las Vegas casino events come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes they are not even called events.
Which brings us to last week’s marriage of Steve Wynn who needs no introduction, to Andrea Hissom, a woman most of Las Vegas may never know as well as it did former wife Elaine Wynn.”

“What successful casino events all have in common is their ability to attract people with money to spend, who will probably do exactly that in their pursuit of a good time.”

“We should not expect the Wynn-Encore operators to say anything about how the slot drop and table game volumes benefited from the several nights of spirited partying and high living associated with the wedding. No one expects dozens, perhaps hundreds of millionaires and billionaires to spend multiple nights at a high end resort and satisfy their appetites for good times with room service hamburgers and nickel slots – not that the Wynn and Encore casinos necessarily have any of the latter. Read more…