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Hired Hands for working ranch: Male p———s in Nevada

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The Shady Lady Ranch is looking for a few “good men” to work as male p———s in it’s brothel, half-way between Goldfield, Nevada and Beatty, Nevada. Located on Highway 95, 31 miles North of Beatty, Nevada (around 150 miles north of Las Vegas,) the Shady Lady Ranch is trying to enact their own stimulis package to bring in sorely needed revenue..The male p———s will be in service for the “Janes” (female customers) who patronize the ranch.

Former “Hollywood Madam” Heidi Fleiss was attempting to open “Heidi’s Stud Farm” near Pahrump, Nevada when that plan was waylayed by Fleiss’ arrest on Felony drug charges earlier this year. Shady Lady becomes the latest torch-bearer, turning-the-screw one more revolution toward the reality of hiring males to work in brothels.

From the LA Times’ Movable Buffet: “Also, Shady Lady is offering the Las Vegas Sun price quotes: “The minimum would be two hours, probably at a cost of $500, she said. Three hours would cost $700 and four hours, $1,000. An overnight stay would be $2,000.” This is interesting because traditional brothel p——–s in Nye Country are all independent contractors who set their own rates that are only required to exceed a house minimum.”

Nevada brothels are feeling the effects of the economy along with Las Vegas and the rest of the country. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Like the current $25 all-day buffet deal at the Excalibur Hotel, gas rebates and hotel room deals in Las Vegas, this might be a quick-fix or a boner of an idea. Time will tell.

Although illegal in the metro areas of Las Vegas and Reno, p———n is legal in several Nevada counties, including Nye County where the Shady Lady Ranch is located.

Richard Abowitz from the Movable Buffet writes: “This particular brothel sits more than 100 miles north of Las Vegas. But if the Shady Lady gets the law changed for Nye County, that would apply to the brothels that sit closer to Vegas just over the Clark County line.”

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