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The secret Sinatra past of Bob Dylan’s new album

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A rare Los Angeles Times photo of Frank Sinatra in 1947
A rare Los Angeles Times photo of Frank Sinatra in 1947, leaving a Beverly Hills courthouse after charges against him for allegedly slugging columnist Lee Mortimer were dismissed. (Dick Oliver / Los Angeles Times)

Bob Dylan has a new album coming out Feb. 3, “Shadows in the Night,” a collection of pop songs about romance, heartbreak and other existential themes written by other songwriters.

But whatever you call this labor-of-love project, there’s one thing Bob Dylan does not want you to call it: his “Sinatra covers album.”

These are old songs, written between the early 1920s and the early 1960s, some of which have become bona fide jazz standards (“Autumn Leaves”), others of which were minor hits when they were first recorded (“Full Moon and Empty Arms”), and there’s even the odd gem (“Stay With Me”) that has been overlooked by audiences since its first appearance on an obscure single.

All these songs have one thing in common: They were recorded by Frank Sinatra at some point (in some cases, several points) in his career.

“I don’t see myself as covering these songs in any way,” Dylan said in a statement last December. “They’ve been covered enough. Buried, as a matter a fact. What me and my band are basically doing is uncovering them. Lifting them out of the grave and bringing them into the light of day.” Read more…

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Saturday, September 24 Dale Bruning Quartet 6:00pm in Denver

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I was looking for musical triple-threat, *Ellyn Rucker when I found this blip from The Denver Musicians Association. When I saw the name, Paul Romaine I bristled – in a good way. This cat plays like he’s a finely tuned, mechanized-machine with a big huge heart. His drumming is instantly identifiable.

I’m saying that I don’t know Dale Bruning, but if he’s associated with Paul Romaine and most probably Ellyn Rucker, I’m good! I’ll find out on the 24th.

Paul Romaine - CU College of Music
Paul Romaine - CU College of Music

Dale Bruning Quartet 6:00pm. Dale Bruning and Jude Hibler present The Timeless Music of Sinatra Standards September 24th – Dazzle[sic] Dale Bruning and Jude Hibler will be presenting The Timeless Music of Sinatra Standards on September 24th, Saturday at Dazzle Restaurant and Lounge, 930 Lincoln in Denver. Reservations can be made at info@dazzlejazz.com or by calling 303-839-5100. THE FIRST SHOW BEGINS AT 6 PM AND THE SECOND SHOW STARTS AT 8 PM. Tickets are $15. Dale’s quartet will include Ron Miles, Ken Walker, and Paul Romaine. Frank Sinatra was arguably the most important entertainer of the 20th Century as a singer, actor, radio and television host and guest, movie producer and record label owner. Join leaders Dale and Jude as they present a few of Sinatra’s closely identified songs written by some of the greatest composers and lyricists of all time. Songs like The Lady Is a Tramp, You Go To My Head, and In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning, among others. info@dazzlejazz.com or call 303-839-5100. Jazz Link Enterprises – Jude Hibler – Owner 303-776-1764 www.jazzlinkenterprises.com . Dazzle Restaurant & Lounge, Denver. (303) 839-5100.

Dale Bruning - Archive.ConstantContact.Com
Dale Bruning - Archive.ConstantContact.Com

This is photo of Ellyn Rucker, probaby from the 90s.

Ellyn Rucker
Ellyn Rucker - Capri Records

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