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Super Bowl Props, Live Betting offered by Las Vegas Sports Books

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This story is from EyeOnGambling

Super Bowl Trophy - Eye On Gambling
Super Bowl Trophy - Eye On Gambling
Super Bowl Props, Live Betting offered by Las Vegas Sports Books
written February 5, 2010 By Jeff Haney EOG.com

Two of the three latest developments on the Las Vegas gambling scene earn enthusiastic plaudits. The third, not so much.

All Lucky’s sports books have joined the roster of those offering bettors a chance to wager on games while they are in progress. Bettors will be able to bet on the Super Bowl point spread and the over/under throughout the game Sunday. The lines will be updated, and betting reopened, during commercial breaks.

Lucky’s has 13 Nevada locations including the Plaza and Terrible’s in Las Vegas.

In addition, as part of their 24 standard-size pages of Super Bowl propositions, Lucky’s oddsmakers are featuring some imaginative cross-sport props, great for generating attention and starting conversations among fans, if not necessarily serious bettors.

Following is a sampling of the more creative “which will have more” props at Lucky’s:

— Phil Mickelson’s fourth-round score in the Northern Trust Open (-3.5) vs. Joseph Addai rushing yards (plus 3.5). The consensus on Addai’s rushing yards is sitting around 65. At first, there is no reason to assume Mickelson will shoot a 68 … until you consider that in winning last year’s Northern Trust, Mickelson shot 63, 72, 62, 72.

— Penguins-Capitals goals scored vs. Super Bowl touchdowns. This one also is trickier than meets the eye. The two most likely numbers for combined touchdowns are 6 and 7. Last time the Penguins and Capitals met, the posted over/under was (drumroll, please) 6.5.

— Daytona 500 cautions vs. Dallas Clark receptions. The most likely number for Clark receptions is 6. The past two Daytona 500s have yielded 8 and 7 cautions, which suggests that playing the cautions and waiting a week (the race takes place Feb. 14) for the result is the way to go.

— Rajon Rondo assists (plus .5) vs. Saints-Colts first-quarter points (-.5). The consensus first-quarter total is 10.5 points. Rondo has recorded 14, 12 and 12 assists in the Celtics’ past three games, and with nothing appearing out of the ordinary about Boston’s game with Orlando on Sunday, it’s tempting to stick with his hot hand.

— Fumbles lost in Super Bowl vs. Chelsea goals against Arsenal.

— UNLV plus UNR points in their games Saturday (-5.5) vs. Drew Brees first-half passing yards (plus 5.5) read more from EOG