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I’m going ALL IN for The Asteroids Galaxy Tour’s “The Golden Age” – with a Pair of Aces

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Originally posted 4-12-11@10:23 A.M.

I’m ALL IN for Mette Lindberg, and “The Asteroids Galaxy Tour,” and their song, “The Golden Age” – with a pair of aces! One’s the Ace of Diamonds the other is the Ace of Clubs.

After hanging out on Facebook for awhile, I hit the bed and turned on the tube. That beer commercial with the sizzling-hot blonde came on and I went into my “got to find out who’s singing that song mode.”

This video contains the song by that blonde, Mette Lindberg and her band “The Asteroids Galaxy Tour.” The song is “The Golden Age.” I’m old and half/square and way behind on this one, but nevertheless – I’m All In.

I know that the song is at least eighteen-months old and has a track record. It is as compelling as anything I’ve ever heard. It almost has a fifties, girl-singer R&R sound. But definitely contemporary – influenced I’m sure, by Amy Winehouse, who I understand is promoting the band. There’s a little bit of Blondie’s “Rapture.” in there somewhere. Tinkling upright-piano keys, lagging snare and Mette’s little-girl voice start the tune, after Ms Lindberg swings a slender hip in – in-sync with the first snare hit. At the chorus her voice is doubled with one of the tracks a few clicks behind the beat creating a heavy echo, or they simply used an echo-effect, whatever. Clean, tasty punctuating horns end the chorus, then the little-girl voice returns with another magnetic verse. The second chorus is loaded with the rising horns punching on 2 and 4 and a flute weaving an improvisation. Guys (or gals,) if you don’t want to cuddle with this girl you’re dead and ain’t coming back.

The video showcases Mette, in a little black sequined dress (looking a bit like, Catherine Deneuvre,) with the band – performing in an arched ballroom at a Golden Age formal, house-party. Guests in dinner-wear are mingling in the up-scale mansion as a martial-artist does his thing, and someone scores two points dropping a basketball in a hoop which just happens to be set up in the fancy ballroom. Luscious scenery/sets/costumes.

The chorus is a very sharp hook and it stuck me. I’m stuck as well on Mette Lindberg.
Is this song already a hit or was it ever? Cuz, if it isn’t it should be.

DIG THIS VERSE: “rambling down the boulevard with a fire burning in a wooden heart.”

From Wikipedia:
“The Asteroids Galaxy Tour are a Danish alternative pop band consisting of vocalist Mette Lindberg and producer Lars Iversen. When performing live the band extends to a six-piece with horn section, featuring Miloud Carl Sabri (trumpet), Sven Meinild (saxophone), Mads Brinch Nielsen (guitar), and Rasmus Valldorf (drums).[1] Lars Iversen is the primary songwriter and producer. Formed in 2008, the band is based in Copenhagen, Denmark.”
“Their debut single, “The Sun Ain’t Shining No More”, was released on September 15, 2008 on their own ‘Small Giants’ label. The band is perhaps best known for their single “Around the Bend”, which was used in an Apple iPod Touch commercial starting in September 2008, and was released as a single in December 2008.
“Myer, Australia’s largest department store chain, used the song “The Golden Age” to launch their 2009 summer range, and SBS Television used the song “The Golden Age” to promote the US television series Mad Men. ‘Around The Bend’ is featured in the Anna Wintour documentary movie, ‘The September Issue’ released in 2009. In late 2008, three songs by the band were featured on the Gossip Girl episode “It’s a Wonderful Lie.” ‘Around the Bend’ was also featured in the NBC TV series Chuck in episode 209 when Chuck walks into the ‘Roark Expo’ for his first day at work at ‘Roark Instruments.'”
“Mette Lindberg was a guest on the BBC music quiz show Never Mind the Buzzcocks in November 2008.[2] More recently the band were guests on the Danish morning TV show ‘Good Morning Denmark’. They have also guested on top French music show ‘Taratata’ where they first performed the track ‘Inner City Blues’, a cover of the Marvin Gaye classic, which later became a favourite of their live shows.”
“The Asteroids Galaxy Tour’s debut album ‘Fruit’ was released on September 21, 2009 in Europe, and Oct 27 in the US.”
“The Sun Ain’t Shining No More” has been chosen as the theme song of the Canadian action comedy television series Insecurity that premiered on January 4, 2011.” more from Wiki…

Interview with Mette Lindberg on YouTube.
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