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Third time is the charm “Scarlett and her Seductive Ladies of Magic.”

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Photo Sarah Gerke
Photo credit Sarah Gerke/LA Times

This is a reprint of (The LA Times) The Movable Buffet’s Richard Abowitz quoting the Review Journal’s Mike Whetherford. Huh!

From The Movable Buffet:
‘Princess’ gives up being regal to seduce
“Most people know the family-entertainment concept in Vegas failed long before I moved here a decade ago. Those who do not know that learn quickly. I don’t know how I missed the news release on this one. But I did. So, I will just quote Mike Weatherford’s column today:”

“The single-named Scarlett does an about-face from a family-friendly afternoon act to a 10 p.m. show with topless dancers at the Riviera starting July 1. She trades her ‘Princess of Magic’ handle for the new billing of ‘Scarlett and her Seductive Ladies of Magic.'”

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