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May 21, 2011 – Judgment Day, Rapture, End of World

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Some say that the beginning of the END will start on May 21, 2011.
Plan your Rapture parties now, if you wait it will be too late.

“Judgment Day begins and the Rapture on May 21, 2011… The end of the world on October 21, 2011… Are you crazy? You’re just another one of those lunatics like Nostradamus or the Mayans who say the apocalypse will be in 2012 and all the other crazy, absurd people who have predicted dates for the end of the world throughout history only to be proven wrong each and every time. And doesn’t the Bible say that no man knows the day and hour? You’re just playing on the fears of people because you’re some kind of a sick control freak or something.” read more from May-212011.Com

Just for fun, here’s a video of *Chuck E Weiss with his aptly named straight-on, rock & roll tune – SO LONG…
*The protagonist of Rickie Lee Jones’ song “Chuck E’s in Love.”

How ’bout beautiful Blondie’s “Rapture”. The funky bass-line will send you on your way.

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I’m In Love With This SONG Video

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I’m in love with this video, and the song it’s wrapped around. The song is “I’VE GOT YOU UNDER MY SKIN” by Cole PorterNelson Riddle’s arrangement and sung by, The Chairman of the Board, Frank Sinatra – the Patron Saint of Italianesque Americana.

It’s the first time I’ve expierienced this cut with a video. There’s a smoke’n horn section at the bridge? And a photo of a bridge at the bridge. Sinatra’s versions of this song are pure (black) magic. The contrast of volume levels help make this song one of the best ever recorded. The long, loud 3/4 of the way in crescendo / trombone solo is ridiculous.

from Richard Williams -The Guardian,
Wednesday 4 February 2004 02.57 GMT

“Nowadays the idea of a trombone solo igniting a great pop record might seem quaint. But there was nothing quaint about the solo halfway through Frank Sinatra’s classic version of I’ve Got You Under My Skin, with which Milt Bernhart, who [] died of heart failure aged 77, created something as electrifying in its time as anything devised by Jimi Hendrix or Eric Clapton in a later generation.
Recorded on January 12 1956, during one of five sessions that produced the album Songs For Swingin’ Lovers, I Got You Under My Skin is one of Sinatra’s finest performances. Nelson Riddle’s arrangement propels Cole Porter’s song at an easy, finger-snapping medium tempo, introduced by the unorthodox combination of a bass clarinet riff with celeste punctuation.”

“Sinatra, a month past his 40th birthday and at the height of his powers, delivers the first verse with a devil-may-care sexiness. For the instrumental interlude, Riddle creates a 12-bar ramp by juxtaposing syncopated trombone figures with sustained high notes in the violins, building a crescendo whose tension is thrillingly released by the sudden blaze of trumpets which launches Bernhart’s solo. In a mere eight bars, his rampaging brassiness lifts the song to a new level of intensity, providing a counterpoint of Dionysian ecstasy to the singer’s Apollonian self- control.”

The video, uploaded to YouTube by utubeLyrics102, is pretty much just a slideshow of romantic photographs of lovers, from very young to very old. Constant slow panning of the photographs creates a sense of drama and cinematic movement. 50s chicks in tight American jeans holding on to their men. Old folks watching boats (that are) in their slips. Black and White photographs of lovers in that first embrace. The exact moment that you fell in love. Is there anything better. And that iconic Kiss photo, snapped in Times Square just after WW ll ended. Pure, beautiful Americana! Lover’s embracing under bridges and on sidewalks. This is a well-crafted video that is completely respectful to Frank Sinatra’s vocal rendition of the song. I’ll do some research later on – about who put this video together. It’s a damn good job. He/she has been in love.

The music is empowered by Sinatra’s presence. It was recorded at a time when the US was as sweet as Apple Pie. Frank Sinatra was living beyond the American Dream, mega-large. All that excitement, success, high-life-living and magic is captured in the recordings.

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Bernie Dexter of BernieDexter.Com: Model, Designer and Businesswoman

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BabyGirl Botique Model
BabyGirl Botique Model, Bernie Dexter
photo Levi

A LasVegasBuffetClub viewer had a link to this woman on her MySpace pages. As soon as I saw the photos I knew I had to post them on these pages.

I’m certain that it’s no coincidence that the model resembles the late Bettie Page. Bettie Page passed away December 11, 2008.

Bettie Page from the Bettie Page Website
Bettie Page from the Bettie Page Website

The model is Bernie Dexter of BernieDexter.com. Ms. Dexter embodies a similar, sweet-tart-sexiness like Bettie Page-A quality that lifted Ms. Page to the top-rungs of cheesecake modeling. The photos are devastatingly sexy yet playfully innocent-as wholesome as Apple Pie, even with the lingerie.

If I were comparing the careers of these two ladies, I’d say that Bernie Dexter seems to be a legitimate fashion model, whereas Bettie Page was more of a men’s magazine model, albeit both appear in similar outfits. *Ms. Dexter works in lingerie principally to sell clothing, and the late Ms. Page graced her lingerie for the express purpose of creating cheesecake photographs that were used to titillate dirty old men, and young boys. Well…There’s definitely one common-thread between these ladies: they both seem to really get in to their work.

Bernie Dexter of BabyGirl Botique
Bernie Dexter - BabyGirl Botique
photo Levi

BernieDexter.Com is apparently based in Portland Oregon. This is not an advertisement. However if I inadvertently advertise Ms. Dexter’s business on these pages, and that advertisement helps proliferate her business so that her photos show up on more webpages, so be it. I’ll take the all the blame.

She brings to mind a Chocolate-Raspberry, Creamcake with dark-chocolate frosting – or should I say cheesecake…

*UPDATE January 11, 2010 – Everyone can relax now. I just found a virtual mine of Bernie Dexter Youtube videos.
Bernie Dexter’s “rockabillybelle’s” YouTube channel

*When I “discovered’ Bernie Dexter, I had no idea just how successful this young woman is. She’s huge and she’s everywhere…how extremely cool. This is Pop-Culture at it’s finest…

The photos were borrowed from:
The top and bottom photos are from the BabyGirl Botique – Blog pages
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Visit Bernie Dexter’s YouTube channel: “rockabillybelle”
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